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Hi all,


Been airsofting for a little while now and have my own gun, an M4 aeg. The problem with this is, it's only firing at 220fps max with 0.2g bb's. As such, I'm not getting the reach that I want from it. The RPM is more than adequate, I'm just looking for a little advice on how to bump up the FPS on it. It currently uses a 9.6v battery and I'm advised that by fitting a new spring etc into it, I could improve it dramatically.

This is where I need some advice, I have little to no idea on what kind of springs and spring guides (if necessary) would be best for the job, and if a new, more powerful spring would in turn require a new gearbox etc. The hop up is metal, so no problem there and I believe the gearbox is metal also.


Any advice and recommendations on upgrades to the spring etc for more FPS would be greatly appreciated



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More information on the gun iteself (make and model) would be helpful for proper and unique help to you.


A new spring is the best bet, go for an m100/m110 from a reputable company (madbul, systema, promethius, laylax etc.)


a new spring guide probably won't be needed, and any gearbox worth using will be able to handle those springs fine and give you between 290 and 340fps depending on the spring/company you get it from.


I wouldn't do the work yourself, get someone else who knows what they are doing to do it for you, I'm sure there will be someone willing to do it from your local site sometime.

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