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Hey guys I have my Warrior MB-01 Sniper for just over a week now but I want to upgrade it over the space of the next couple of weeks. My question to you guys is would this accuracy barrle built for the L96AW fit on my gun as there mostly the same other than were the ammo chamber is (at least to the best of my skill) the link to the barrel:


Also is there any other upgrades you would suggest?


Thanks in advance.

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Yes that barrel will fit. Be aware that the stock inner barrel is 495mm and 8.08mm.


This will also increase accuracy, slightly, and will help against any warping of the barrel.


For the l96, I would suggest.


PDI hop up.


and a METAL trigger assembley, because the stock one WILL BREAK NO MATTER WHAT


Here are a few sites which sell them


No need to upgrade cylinder, spring, etc although the stock parts are whimpy.


If you want you could.

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Try not to mix and match upgrades so you can make sure everything will work together, and from what I gather there's two different sizes of spring guide, one is 7mm and the other 9mm.


Obviously you'll need to match the spring to the spring guide.


I'd recommend either going all laylax, or all PDI. Just for the sake of compatibility.


Hope this helps.

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