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  1. walshy155


    I bought ,my first gun of them, a BE G36 (some internals as your AUG), got it, opened the box put the battery in short circuited and blew. After that the gun couldn't fire nothing the barrel was way off with the cylinder head. You're better off buying a second hand form here. The scope of the G36 I bought was just clear plastic, same as the one on the AUG. DONT BUY FROM THERE. Plus there all out of stock.
  2. walshy155

    justbbguns / Justbbguns.co.uk

    Worst guns, worst place ever. Although mind you there are starting to sell RIF's, good ones. I hate Jambwow though, he makes every crap sound like a beast.
  3. walshy155

    battlefield 3

    I'm getting it, last game I played was Crysis 2, anyway like Crysis 2 I'm going to get BF3 by torrents, I'm not paying.
  4. walshy155


    Those guns suck, I was going to get the AUG or G36 too, look here http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/?showtopic=4152#entry24087 Bought a BE G36 AEG, piece of crap. Arrived faulty, and the plastic body was flimsy.