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Hello everybody - I'm Sez and new to airsofting/airsoft forums. I'm currently living in Derbyshire, and go to MGC when I can. I don't have any guns at the moment, but am looking for recommendations for the MP5 of any variant from any reputable manufacturer. My favourite weapon is a common sight in most actions films: the Glock 18C. I'm also looking at getting one of these in the near future.


Right, that's that bit over and done with.


Now to the main reason for my thread - many years ago I purchased a BB gun from a shop in Scarborough. I really love this gun, and have kept it ever since, even though I broke it, and has no springs, with a dodgy slide. I've looked all over the interweb for the type and manufacturer of the gun but cannot find anything. I've attached some pictures of it, so that you can see what it's like. It is of course a cheap crappy import, but am keen to maybe get one for airsofting. (Pls excuse the duck tape holding the dan thing together :P )








It also carries the logo of Heckler & Koch of the front, as well as S&W (Smith and Wesson??)


Thanks so much, and I hope I'll enjoy my stay around here.


Adios :D

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ive got one of those ;) and its not a 'real' gun, so you wont find one

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