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  1. Item has now SOLD.
  2. BUMP. Sensible offers welcome
  3. Tar and glue remover works a treat too. Soak anything you want for about 30 minutes to an hour and it just wipes away dead easy.
  4. Long over due BUMP. £70 posted.
  5. Well they'd have to pull all training weapons as well and any system like the Scorpion.
  6. Can't blame them really. Wouldn't be worth having stock here if people end up not being able to own/use it.
  7. Yeah tactical kit and they said they normally don't charge it but because i've opened the bag up (which is resealable) they'll need to check it over which incurs a restocking charge. So on principle I'd rather sell it cheaper to another airsofter than line their pocket.
  8. Proball also seem to be good I used to use them all the time but switched to ASG ones. G&G I've used to and they seem OK
  9. Wouldn't ever go cheap on BBs because bad ones can ruin barrel, bucking and mags etc. Cheap BBs from a reputable shop doesn't always mean bad but still worth spending a bit more. I personally now use ASG Cursed BBs had no issues at all.
  10. They want to charge me a restocking fee so going to lose money on it so I'd rather sell it cheaper to someone else than line their pockets
  11. Accessory/Make: Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed MP7 Chest Rig Multicam Condition: Brand new Size: Adjustable Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nx3 Price/Payment: £95 posted Brand new, Not for me and my scorpion mags don't fit. Cost me £120 with postage. Pictures:
  12. With mine I did the hop, bucking and barrel first plus added in barrel spacers. Then changed the trigger unit and decided rather than upgrading the spring etc I'd drop a Mancraft SDIK kit in it.
  13. GBBRs obviously they'll test them on te strongest gas but for HPA the fairest way is running it from its regulator because that's how it operates. They can't run it from a HPA bottle with a none regulated line like a Tippmann it'll explode so they won't know if it's a section 5 or not. Some of what we've said is theory and no one will know until the full facts have been published.
  14. Like Spoon said no one really knows. It's very much a grey area at the moment. I gave up HPA a while ago had my fill of it and won't go back. It all depends on whether they say about the regulator being opened to it's max PSI for testing although no one really runs it that way. Easiest way i can think of to make your HPA RIF comply with the new law is use an Orga barrel 6.23 I used to have one in mine and Fps at 120psi was 365. With having a Tippmann though that wouldn't work.