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  1. SOLD
  2. I had a custom extension cable made so my FCU went in the grip and the cable ran up the back of the gearbox and lower receiver into the buffer tube where my battery went. Worked really well.
  3. I use a WAS universal holster with my WAS frag belt and I've made my own Kydex light bearing holster attached to a Blackhawk drop leg panel. Considering making a two Kydex holster now to run when I'm not wearing my battle belt. Id recommend a WAS holster or a Kydex one
  4. Broken ankle. Great.

    Upcoming airsoft plans now cancelled and skydive next weekend to.

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    2. Qlimax


      Been looking at prices today. I think it'll be cheaper abroad than the U.K. but not much given the current exchange rate. Worth looking into once I've done my tandem 

    3. AshOnSnow


      Have you looked at the US?

      I had a choice between doing my ATPL training in either Madrid or Phoenix. If there are cheap flights to be had to the US, you could look there too.

    4. Qlimax


      A mate has given me some prices to do it in the US where he did his. The price isn't bad and he said the same as PT, the weather is pretty much guaranteed 

  5. Bought some UAC magazines bases to finish off my G17.
  6. SOLD
  7. Make: Nine Ball Item: Enhanced Lip seals G17, 18 & 26 Condition: Near New. Installed, used once. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nx3 Price/Payment: £8 posted Pictures:
  8. Glock magwell.
  9. BUMP £40
  10. Wish G&P made it easier to get their standard flash hider off...... Finally off JEEZ

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      CW thread ???

      I'm sure they are and you was fully aware of this but in case others are reading not all threads are ccw. G&P & I know the Army Armament L85/R85 are also cw not ccw threads. As for manufacturers over-tightening stuff or worse permanent thread lock on stuff - stop it just stop it

      even Elmo agees...

      Related image

    3. proffrink


      The problem with G&P too is that they tighten it to the point that you can seriously warp a receiver if you try to undo it without a reliever block. I'm not quite sure what they're doing in the factory but good lord...

    4. Qlimax


      I knew it was a CW thread but they'd used more than enough thread lock that it wouldn't loosen up. Ended up having to take the outer barrel completely off so i can heat it on it's own.

  11. TMC Hydration storage 1.5L. Delivered today and rather impressed with it. Wasn't really expecting much if i'm honest given how cheap they are.
  12. Used these for the first time after reading various feedbacks. Not impressed in the slightest. Items arrived in a Jiffy bag so not really protected. One item is damaged, they replied asking if I'd signed for the item which I hadn't I was away on a business trip and since they've ignored me. Won't replace the item or offer a small refund for me to buy the broken part and replace myself. Wont be using again.
  13. SOLD