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  1. They did, but noticed that they weren't marking the rifles if it was under the limits. Easy for someone not to have their RIF chrono'd.
  2. Might have been the same guy. My two friends were shot by a sniper within the minimum engagement and said it felt like a stone was shot at them. Weather was great, first time I had to change to tinted lenses!
  3. Morning all, Just a bit of my feedback for Battlelakes if anyone does wish to go there. Me and three friends went yesterday, first time we have been there. Great overall experience. Having been use to short small games at TWA Croydon, it was a nice change to be playing in a small number of larger duration games. Marshalls were on point, the gear up area is enough to fit 80-100 people (I believe that's how many were there yesterday), facilities are good with 3-4 large desks full of equipment they are looking to sell, and the game area is huge in comparison to TWA Croydon. We played an equipment retrieving game which started around 9:30 and ran until 12 (Lunch). Equipment was hidden by various of the land marks with the enemy team having to retrieve them and bring them back to their base, and my team having to defend. The game area is huge and you can easily lose yourself walking through the woodland if you do not have a map or comms (If you go with others). Teams were very even and both teams controlled an even half of the area until the end with many of our team chilling by the spawn area. There were a lot of snipers yesterday (Even saw Kicking Mustang, luckily we were on the same team), so you have to be careful (If you're not already) running out in the open. Just after lunch we played a domination game with different land marks holding lights, enemy team had to turn the lights on, we had to turn them off (Half the landmarks started with lights on and off to make it fair). This was the game I enjoyed the most, with both teams securing their halves of the game area. A couple of my mates were shot by a sniper mid game within the minimum engagement, Warden gave him a warning so we decided to go hunting for him. Was relatively hard as he had on a good leaf suit with his RIF also covered well. We had an idea where his previous location was, so slowly flanked him, 2 of us opened up on supporting fire, flashes and smokes to create the distraction, whilst the other two headed around to the position we believed he was. Was a great maneuver with our guys locating him due to the sniper adjusting himself to shoot at us two giving supporting fire. 'Sniper Hunters'. Soon after we needed to start assaulting the enemy's secured half of the map, and teamed up with another 4-5 players. Similar scenario with 4-5 players giving supporting fire with smokes, and another 4 assaulting the position. We managed to secure that landmark as well as the match. We had 30 minutes left until the end of the game day, so played a quick capture the flag. I'm use to small game areas, and due to Battlelakes being fairly large you can easily flank enemy positions if there is one fixed location for the objective. Overall a great game day to experience, and not too far for those located in the south or south London area. Anyone wanting to experience Milsim (Which I am hoping to do in the summer) should go to one of the Battlelake's game days. Cheers, Bill
  4. Shame it was sold. STILL LOOKING
  5. Gun/Model: Glock 17 Desired Condition: Used - Good/Excellent Budget: £70-100 A few leak-free mags included required. Don't let my holster not have a partner for too long.... Thanks, Bill
  6. I can only see the silver tube that slots in. Can't see where it sits along the barrel.
  7. Sorry for sounding like a newbie. Because I am one. Is this the underside of the outer shell? Or along the barrel?
  8. Hi all. Have an issue with the R8L that I brought recently. It has a thick metal part along the barrel. During it's first skirmish it was just rattling round. Even tried to move it in different positions. Tonight I took apart the barrel to see if it came loose anywhere. Doesn't seem to fit anywhere I could see. I'm guessing as the barrel is long that it is there to keep space between the barrel and outer shell. By the pictures it looks like it should lodge itself at the top, it doesn't and just goes back to what you see in the picture. Any help much appreciated. Bill
  9. Hi all, Recently brought a G&G CM16 R8-L, eager to learn more about the rifle before I take it apart (Scared I might break, lose something). Are there any guides to upgrading a CM16 R8? and what would you suggest changing first? I have noticed the the range isn't great for longer distances with slight wind, and currently hits 317fps (Chrono'd saturday). Cheers, Bill
  10. I will have a look, thanks guys
  11. Hi all, Can anyone recommend any websites/businesses that will make custom Velcro badges? Won't be many in quantity maybe about 6 needed. Only websites I have seen that offer this service want a minimum order of 50.
  12. Think it is £20 for a full day walk on. Haven't seen a forest rigged before, might be fun to venture out too.
  13. Yeah we had a nightmare too trying to get out. Suppose it's our fault starting airsoft in the winter! Ah good to hear, Mr Roberts seems like a good guy (Just remember that last game he was walking out in the open with his Shotgun, looked great!), great gear too. Hopefully see you in two weeks, if not catch you on the 2nd.
  14. Ah yes, Rick Grimes! I think we were chatting during the lunch break (Complaining about how we will get our cars out). I was with my friend Aaron Saturday, both had the faded blue pistols and rentals. We are going again for half a day in two weeks; but more than likely see you again on the 2nd December. (Signed up to this website as that Roberts guy who was on our team recommended this forum) Hope you didn't have the struggle we did attempting to drive down the hill.
  15. Nice to hear you had a great time @Gazmeister . You will bite the Airsoft bug in no time. Did you go to Tactical warfare in Croydon? Might have met you there.