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  1. Welcome to the club, in Telford SAWG have a new site opening on 25th this month near the buildwas power station. Straight down the m54 ! In regarding two tones screw the haters there is always one numpty who has an opinion on it not being ally or tacticool enough! Hopefully see you around local sites.
  2. Try heavy duty rubber matting about 1cm thick, use it in my ciras vest and works a treat, it's heavy, but when ya get hit it's audible as well.
  3. There 3 of us in wenlock who do play and few I know in bridgo also, have u got a game planned soon?
  4. Live in sunny much wenlock! The town that time forgot!
  5. hi all, new to airsoft or should I say reborn, left a few years ago and have re-entered the dark world, and so far loving it. Still got all my old gear to play with and just recently acquired a nuprol m4. my old aeg (tm M16 203) has had a new lease of life back into it also. Hoping to learn more, have fun and enjoy good company.