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  1. Bump £50
  2. Bump
  3. Make: Cyma/Cybergun Gun/Model: M4 Accessories: battery, high cap mag Condition: used. Not fully functioning. FPS: unknown Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no Price/Payment: £60 Been used 2 or 3 times but was never right from the start. Will fire fine on full auto but some times, it will lock on semi and you have to fire it on full auto, to allow it to shoot in semi. Pictures:
  4. Hi mate where you based?

    1. Chinnl


      Hi mate, sorry didn't see your post while I was at work. Based in Kidderminster 

    2. Dredd


      Hello mate thanks for getting back to me, it's to far for me to come and pick up and I like to have a gun in hand before buying which is a shame but best of look with your sale buddy

  5. price update. £180
  6. Make: Classic army Gun/Model: CA8-2 (HK SL9) proline Accessories: 4 100 round mags, 2 20 round. Condition: very good! skirmished once FPS: 330 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Swap for m14 socom. Ump or Mp5 Price/Payment: 180 + p/p postage or collection from DY10 Came pre upgraded from classic army being the proline version. High torque motor and tightbore barrel. Has a 3 or 4x scope built into the carry handle. Will come with the original box. I bourght it at the start of this year, took it too one woodland game and used for all of 10mins before changing to my primary. Can't fault it just too long for me. Has safe/semi/full auto despite only showing the two fire modes.
  7. Still have this?