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  1. I'll revise my statement it is an offense to sell or manufacture a RIF, toy or not. I'm not willing to be the first bloke who gets fried as the test case. If people want to be blase about selling a "toy" because they will never be the one who it bites in the arse than that's their decision. Please don't mock those of us who take the very real potential of the vcra shafting us seriously. As I said early all it will take is for someone to sell an imitation weapon to a lunatic who goes on to hold up a school and the full force of the vcra will be used. You can bet the person who supplied the weapon will be screwed. Especially in this current global mindset of fear of terrorism.
  2. Correct fella a toy gun which under British law is illegal. Illegal in my world is not good.
  3. That's alright mate. It's not worth losing my job/liberty or the sport being outright banned.
  4. Had another one tonight. His proof that he played airsoft was a couple of pictures of him in mtp sans weapon. Got very upset when i said no.
  5. Clearly should have checked that title before posting haha. So then the general consensus is name and UKARA? Do i not need their postcode to match against the database? 4 of the 5 people that contacted me were all new users on this site with no posting history which was one of the reasons i was being so specific. Cheers for all the help guys.
  6. Morning guys. In the week I have put a few RIF's for sale in the sales section of this site. I started getting enquiries straight away and i think gleaming, they will be gone In no time! Wrong. I have now had 5 people agree on prices with me and then pull out when it gets down to brass tacs. When I ask for proof of age and of being a member at a skirmish site one of two things happen. Either complete radio silence or a million excuses of why the purchase can no longer go ahead. None of these excuses i hasten to add consists of "sorry mate i can't provide that". The following is a list of information i ask the buyers for so I can satisfy proof of defence. Full name and address. Copy of either your uk driving license or passport. Copy of either your skirmish site membership card or site registration documentation. UKARA number My question is this. Is it normal to get plenty of time wasters or am i doing something wrong?
  7. That is exactly what I am looking for cheers mate.
  8. Right and that is what i thought but the only defenses i can see the come close to airsoft are historical reenactment or theatrical performances. Does it fall under either? I have attached a picture. I'll list them properly in the correct forums hopefully this evening. Cheers for the advice.
  9. Hey guys, I have been out of the hobby for a while now so i am looking to sell all of my RIF's. Being a good citizen and not wanting to get in trouble i decide to read up on the law surrounding selling these (found here http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/38/part/2) Now i am no legal expert and reading that makes my head hurt but i have read it and I do not understand how it is legal for us to purchase or sell RIF's as playing airsoft does not appear to fall under any of the legal defences? Please would someone with a bit more intelligence help me out on this?
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