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  1. Hello Jury, yes the Osprey vest is still available
  2. Your welcome! Bump
  3. Yeah I cant wait either, about time a CQB site opened in Birmingham. For updates just follow the site, they seem to have been putting up updates quite often on their Facebook page
  4. Here is there page, if you scroll down the feed it mentions about the new site and video on the blank canvas.
  5. Depends where abouts your based in the West Mids, the airsoft map is a good start to finding sites. There is the Grange located in Balsall Common, my preffered site and also opening a CQB site in Birmingham. But there is also First and only located Kiddiminster way with a few sites there. Those are the ones I have visited anyway.
  6. Yes of course, I'll Pm you.
  7. I have some gear I'm no longer using, the list is as follows: Osprey MkIV chest rig in MTP - £60 Daisy Military Glasses, all accessories included - £20 MTP Half face mesh protector with ear guards - £15 Olive Half face mesh - £10 Olive mesh goggles - £5 Blaster 0.2g BB's 6000 bottle - £10 MTP trousers - Size Small 30/32in waist - £7.50 MTP top - Size Small/Medium - £7.50 MTP Jacket - Size Small/Medium - £10 MTP gloves - Size Medium - £5 MTP belt - £2.50 or free if purchased with uniform MTP boonie - Size Large - £2.50 All gear is in very good condition only having been worn twice other then the glasses being worn several times and half face protector with ear guards being only worn for one match, to restricting for my liking. Prices are negotiatable, items can be collected or posted. Many thanks for looking! Cal - A link to pictures if the thumbnails aren't working
  8. Okay man, just sent you a PM.
  9. Hello Conner, Is this still for sale?
  10. Hello everyone, I'm going to be attending a skirmish at Gunman Midlands this Saturday and was wondering if anyone will be attending? I'm a newbie, haven't played airsoft in several years but I used to play here when I was younger:P
  11. Ahh okay then fair enough well good luck with that mate!
  12. Hahaa awww unfortunately airsoft rifles don't have that much range so you'll have to move a little;) Have you got a helmet for a motorbike and some gear? If so I could always take you pillion to a site further a field?
  13. The Grange is good, your not having to run everywhere unless your that type of player. Nice wide spread out fields but with good coverage and obstacles to take cover, with varied elevation points and switches to CQB to when you enter the compounds.
  14. Ahh okay, I'll see if anyone has any decent videos on youtube to see if its any good but single shot isn't to bad, stops people going crazy. Have you looked at anywhere you'd like?
  15. Ahh okay then well is it to dark?