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  1. Do you think they'd work with a G&G??
  2. I'm getting back into airsoft and I only have 2 hi caps but hate that rattling so I'm looking into purchasing some mid caps, I want to buy about 5 and I'm looking to spend £50-£55 where would the best place to purchase a bundle of mid caps from? Thank you for any replies
  3. Loving the stories keep them up, it's nice to know that everyone makes this mistake sometime
  4. What's been your most embarrasing/stupid team kill moment? I had one the other day at my local field where I got the drop on about 3-4 players but what I didn't realise was that my team mate had come running in to tag them and put them on our team (we were playing a virus game) I then proceeded to shoot him straight in the face, to say the least he wasn't a happy bunny. What's your guys experiences?
  5. I've been looking all over recently for atacs FG combat shirt that's not over £30 and can't find anything I'm also looking for a pair of trousers for the same kinda price range. Would anyone have experience buying atacs FG or knows of a good bargain?
  6. Does anyone know where to buy custom patches they don't have to be embroided just need a basic patch. Do you have any experience getting or making patches?
  7. yeah I tried that but didn't seem to work in having trouble disassembling it would you happen to have a link to a guide for it?
  8. My G&G 450 hi cap mag isn't clicking as it winds up it wasn't a problem at first as it would still feed but now it's stopped feeding any advice??
  9. As the search for mags continues I spread my search to overseas and so I went on to evike and found these mags For $10 and they have excellent reviews would it be worth the shipping and VAT to buy them? Do you guys have experience with buying mags from the US
  10. ahah this is true but becoming broker and broker starts making cheap mags more and more attractive
  11. that's what I was fearing hoping someone else had dived in first
  12. Just got an email from land warrior airsoft and they've started selling nuprol mags for £10 so are they any good? Do you have any experience with them? And would they fit a G&G M4?
  13. I think I'm going to be the only one here posting rap but I've been listening to the album Life of Pablo by Kanye West
  14. I can shoot very well using my left eye as I used to do a lot of air gun shooting and such but just can't see accurately down the scope with the right eye cause of a lazy eye
  15. I'm only 15 but in the future I was considering following a career in the army I would join as a soldier but I have a bit of vision impairment in my right eye so wouldn't be able to look down the scope on the right side very well so then I thought I have very good grades in all the sciences and maths maybe a career as an engineer may be more suited so I wanted to know if you have any experience in the army how you found the training and general army life? Aswell as what kind of roles would be suited to me keep in mind that I'm in very good physical shape I play high level sports and frequent the gym so that shouldn't be a problem but I would also like to put my knowledge to use aswell Thank you for any replys