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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
enzo47 enzo47 17/11/23 Great comms, great bargain items, and great guy to deal with. More like a mate now I'd say. Dodgyback Dodgyback
Semtex001 Semtex001 17/11/23 Awesome buyer waxmq12295 waxmq12295
elliottblackmore elliottblackmore 17/11/23 A real pleasure to deal with. Excellent comms and items in an amazing condition. Very happy chappy - thanks Archer Archer
aidandeng aidandeng 17/11/23 Good comms and prompt payment. A pleasure. Herrgh Herrgh
MWSenthusiast69 MWSenthusiast69 17/11/23 Excellent comunication, super speed postage, great seller. Ari Ari
Ari Ari 17/11/23 Communicative and friendly, didn’t waste any time! MWSenthusiast69 MWSenthusiast69
DBGXXI DBGXXI 17/11/23 Excellent trade great item in mint condition quick delivery great comm’s thanks Anotsu Anotsu
MTMAGZ MTMAGZ 17/11/23 Great trade fast payment great comm’s thanks Anotsu Anotsu
Herrgh Herrgh 16/11/23 Great seller - sorted everything conveniently and quickly. aidandeng aidandeng
Jimbob7719 Jimbob7719 16/11/23 As described fast shipping thankyou RyanRyan RyanRyan
VonGrimm VonGrimm 16/11/23 Awesome communication and quick transaction, thanks! Gangstalk Gangstalk
Gangstalk Gangstalk 16/11/23 Polite and friendly while I pestered them about multiple listings. Posted quick too :) VonGrimm VonGrimm
gavinkempsell gavinkempsell 16/11/23 Great communication, fast payment, great all round. LastRegress LastRegress
MWSenthusiast69 MWSenthusiast69 16/11/23 Great buyer, good communication, highly recommended! Mycrobrine Mycrobrine
Mycrobrine Mycrobrine 16/11/23 Great service and communication. 10/10 would buy from again. MWSenthusiast69 MWSenthusiast69
BADGERF1ST BADGERF1ST 16/11/23 Great guy to do business with. Having bought from him in the past, deals always go well. Salamanca Salamanca
Mattjd1986 Mattjd1986 16/11/23 Good coms and management of the transaction, thanks andrey andrey
Salamanca Salamanca 16/11/23 Quick payment, great communication and an all round pleasure to deal with, cones highly recommended. BADGERF1ST BADGERF1ST
Mrgrimcreamer Mrgrimcreamer 16/11/23 Sent payment for a wanted listing i had. Once paid comms dropped and had to resort to paypal dispute for refund Johndaniel4863 Johndaniel4863
Bracie5150 Bracie5150 16/11/23 Item in VGC, posted quickly and quick response rj1986 rj1986
c-dawg c-dawg 16/11/23 Great communication back and forth, easy, transaction, fast delivery, item as described and in great condition. Spot on! CurvedPeach CurvedPeach
Scot Scot 16/11/23 Tried to scan me with an MSK GBB video and pics. I have his ID and yahoo mail where he wanted the payment! Duprv Duprv
RyanRyan RyanRyan 15/11/23 Great guy to deal with. Very easy to deal with Dtru2551 Dtru2551
RyanRyan RyanRyan 15/11/23 Good communication and quick transaction Gangstalk Gangstalk
Dtru2551 Dtru2551 15/11/23 As described. Fast delivery thanks RyanRyan RyanRyan
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