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A few green gas queries...

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Aswell as as few other projects I'm still sorting I need a new pistol for my sniper load out, and after looking around gas blowback seems to be the way to go...


Are electric ones really that bad???


However I do have a few queries..


Gun in question - glock 17 kwa;




Gas in question;








Now on the gas pages it stated for metal sliding pistols only but then say not for plastic 1's so would this pistol be compatible without voiding warranty?



Next query is I've heard there's a few extra maitainence procedures you have to do with gas rifs - can anyone enlighten me??


And are high grade .20g bb's ok? Or should I use ultra grade and or a heavier weight??


Many thanks Liam


Edit: link fixed...

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well the first link fro the pistol didnt wor, but using the sites search function, both the glock 17 kwa they have are metal slides, so both types of gas will work fine with the gun in question.


Regarding the extra maintance, its mainly to do with cleaning the thing. making sure that you strip it down lube it up, and put a dab of silicone based lube on all the parts that need it, and also in the Mags to keep the seals good.


For me i do a good clean of my Gas guns after every game, and at lest once a month if they are just sat there.

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