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Hi from Spain

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Great forum!!

I've been reading through a few posts as I've not much else to do! Let me introduce myself!


I live in Spain, I've been paintballing for years now over here, we've got the terrain for it! Unfortunately, whilst paintballing I jumped from a rock that was a lot higher than it looked and broke both my legs quite badly. Result, I'm going to be on the sofa, in full leg casts for quite some time.


I love shooting, so thought I'd buy an airsoft gun to use indoors. I bought a second hand Cyma cm030, Glock copy, electric.


Now I know you pay your money and take your chances when buying 2nd hand off the internet, but for 40euros, I took a chance.


The pistol arrived today, I charged the battery, loaded the mag and fired!! Wow, this has some waft! Hitting a wall 12 meters across the lounge and the BB's are exploding, so all good its got power and range. Is this normal? Could it have been tweeked?


Anyway a few mags later the battery was dead so I put it to charge up again and spent a bit of time searching the pistol online and checking it out. It appears I have a part missing from mine, the selector switch to choose from semi/auto mine just fires auto. Also the hop up is broke, looks like a little plastic peg has snapped off at some point. For how I'm using it, I can cope but I would like to get hold of these bits.


So any of you out there got a Cyma cm030 thats broke, I think I can also use Mauri parts (Not 100%) and you want to sell any bits off it, let me know.



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