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Ace Airsoft War Games

Operation Black Fox Down

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The Plot

Brataslavakia February 19th, 2012.


On this date a shadow military force nameley the "Brataslavakian Republic Militia" and their Top Generals are planning a Viral Bomb strike on the capital city of Bratas in order to belittle the government and start a Civil War.


A large NATO Special Forces Team along with the help of the Brataslavakian Regular Army will be dropped deep into the capital city of Bratas to eliminate the two top Generals of the B.R.M. and therefore prevent a massacre from happening now and anytime soon in the future.


Speed is of the essence as the bombs are en route and on timer.


Mission 1: They will first have to locate and intercept the heavily armed Bomb carriers en route to the city before they can be planted and return them and the bombs to the forward command post for interrogation and defusing.


Mission 2: Post a succesfull interrogation process and in order for the baffled NATO Engineers to defuse the bombs the SF will be reinserted back into the hot zone to retrieve intelligence on how to defuse the bombs. Only 3 B.R.M. lieutenant's who are now hiding out at satellite command posts dotted around Brataslavakia have the relevant Intel. Caution however is advised as other leaders have decoys that are primed with IED's.


The clock is ticking!! Will it be Kaboom or VaVaVoom.


Mission 3: Either way its time to take out the Top Brass of the B.R.M. to stop a repeat threat from happening.


Mission 4: During this mission they find themselves stranded as their Black Fox is destroyed, they have to fend for themselves against the masses of BRM whilst the Brataslavakian Army regulars try and rescue them.


Failure is not an option.


Props and Pyros will be in use during the day in our 20 Acre Woodland and 10 Acre City Limits Site



Open to anyone over the age of 12 years.

Under 18's must hand in to us a signed Parental Consent Form (DOWNLOAD PDF HERE) prior to being allowed to play.

Under 16's must be accompanied by a Responsible Adult (1 chaperone per 5 under 16's)



Gates Open 08:15 hrs

Gates Close 09:15 hrs

Briefings 09:30 hrs

Game On 10:15 hrs

Lunch 13:30 hrs (approx)

Endex 16:30 hrs






Walk on with own kit £30

(++Non Refundable Deposit of £10 required)


Hire Package £45**

(++Non Refundable Deposit of £25 required)

**Hire Package Contents include the following:


Full metal HK MP5 Hire Gun


Mesh Full Face Mask


Tactical Vest

Fingerless Gloves

1,000 Rounds of BB ammo

Free Tea And Coffee.




Q) Why do we need to pay a deposit even if we are just a walk on?


A1) Unfortunatley the site isn't cheap to rent and we still have to pay the same rental amount for it whether 10 or 100 players attend on the day. So in order for us to ascertain if it is financially viable to hold a game on the day we ask for deposits to be paid.


A2) Lunches are provided via a third party caterer who needs to be pre paid and lunches pre ordered ready for the day.


++In the unlikely event that the games are cancelled for this date all deposits paid will be refunded in full.


View Info And Book In Here

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