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telford shropshire

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Hi, Just joined this forum. Been airsoft for about four years. Mostly concentrate on vietnam airsoft. Loudout refelcts this.


Also member of walking dead group. look it up on face book.

or visit www.walkingdeaduk.webs.com


Primary guns M16a1 / Sa80a2

secondry gun M249 / Short shotty

Camo ERDL / Tiger / Olive jungle greens

Load out : USMC vietnam Grunt / Recon also modern viper assult vest.

Specaility: Radio operator /Engineer (nam games only)



Hilton park



Grange farm




Senny bridge 2009

Dorking 2010

Combat south 2010/ 2011

Ground zero 2009

Gunman at Bulby woods 2011

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