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Crye Airframe Clone

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More pictures in the loadouts thread, here's the in-depth review:



To give a brief summary, and to echo the feedback I've received from other people out there who have purchased this replica, it is well worth the money. Even if you're not familiar with the real deal, this is a faithful replica of the Crye helmet and it'll look excellent when partnered with any modern loadout.


The 2 piece design helps keep you cool in the winter, the ARC rails give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to mounting lights and cameras and the well made pads and suspension system make it very comfortable to wear.


The actual shell itself is produced from a good quality, solid plastic with enough thickness to protect your skull from bumps while still remaining extremely light and keeping your peripheral vision free and clear. All this at a price significantly lower than some of the Ops-Core clones out there which only feature a thin, brittle plastic shell.

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