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new rifle

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hi my m14 broke down and im thinking about gettin a new rifle saw these and thout 'i like that' but dunno anything about them so what should i go for...








thanks for your time and help.

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AGM Sten: If your looking for ww2 the TM Thompson and mp40 are much better


M249 para: I tried this gun for the 1st time today and I was unimpressed (It made me sad there so cool looking)


m14: cool but front heavy but you Know that :P


Type 89: I cant help on that one but I do Know a guy who has one he said it was all right


m16: no clue i dont like them


I got a go on a JG SCAR today and WoW that a gun its on my list now it's a toss up between the JG SCAR and the SRC G36E for my new gun

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http://www.airsoftgi.com/news.php US seller, but has a good review section on most guns


Sten: review is good, however it is a lipo'ed gun and only has lowcaps available, so you will need a few at £20 each


star m249: can be ok, but also can be total rubbish. Seen quite a few that needed work. Had one myself and it was cosmetically rough as a dogs whatsits, shot ok but nothing spectacular and i would not trust it on long bursts. Mostly plastic and it was really plasticy plastic if you see what I mean.


m14 EBBR: no idea can't find a review


type 89: good'ish , but TM also make a version and here is a review of the BE version



TM m16: its a TM, so it will be good, however it is plastic bodied and I feel for the price there are better options, eg APS or G&P for around £170 or ICS for around £300


Out of all the ones you have selected I would go for the TM M16, however I would buy a different manufacturer and a UK supplier. http://www.airsoftworld.net/review/product...1/category/538/ for example.

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