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Lonex Bo Dynamics LT.595


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Hi all,

I’ve had this aeg for a while now and would like to give it some attention.

I’ve read online that it’s blowback adaptive although I’m unsure what I would need for this.

When I got it there was no charging handle spring so I fitted one and whilst that now moves it doesn’t control anything. The dust cover is missing and there is nothing inside that would move for the blowback action, maybe someone can point me in the right direction of the bits needed?

Also, I have a couple of other guns; ak47 and a Thompson both aegs and the fire rate of the Lonex is so slow compared to the others. I’m wondering if maybe the motor needs changing/upgrading. Again any pointers on which I would need?


I’m new to stripping them down but I’m ready to get stuck in.


Thanks for any and all help/advice/ideas

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I think that means you can add the BAW system.  I have one and its amazing!

I don't know where you can get it separately but it goes in the stock tube.


The motor should be quite a good one as standard but you can always upgrade to something better.

Are you running it on 7.4v LiPo?

For the heavy recoil guns I would suggest 11.1v LiPo


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yes it’s 7.4 lipo.

I’ll see if I can take a recording of the fire speed to see if anyone else thinks it’s slow. I’m basing it off the other guns I own and this one is quite slow compared.

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I think this is what you need but may also need a special piston depending on what's in your rifle.

I don't understand why they're not more popular 🤔


To check that its BAW ready, take the grip off and check the motor.

Its should have this pinion gear.


Maybe email Lonex to see if they can sell you what you need.

[email protected]

e[email protected]


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