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We Kac Pdw GBB

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Looking for a value please for my KAC PDW gbb by WE. Bought from a mate about 3 years ago as a project but a wedding, house move and baby have messed that up for me! Gutted to get rid but Gbbs arent my forte and I dont have the time or funds nowadays.

It is stock apart from an npas installed by a prev owner.


Comes as seen and with 2 working stanag style mags (see below) and 1 spare/non working mag that has been completely messed up by the prev owner.



It will come with 2 working mags. One of them chronod at 320 and the other mag at 370!! I think it's due to a slightly worn lip on one of the mags. It appears that the npas was adjusted by the prev owner on the slightly worn mag.

I might have the npas key somewhere but I will have to look for it.


It is a little sluggish on full auto but I'm not sure if this is a tuning requirement or a restriction of the system (apparently some threads on google say the gbb system was crammed into the pdw and it suffers slightly as a result).


Plus some cosmetic wear and tear as pictured.










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Not sure if this helps, but looking back at paypal, I have sold one with full RA tech trigger box, Npas 2 spare nozzles,  6 mags + 1 hpa drum mag for 360 3 years ago

The problem now is tho, with all the other brand like GHK and TM all have much better perfroming GBBRs, WE GBBR really took the hit on used market. 

I would say start with 150 to 200, and you only have GHK and WE to choice from for a PDW and I havent seen a GHK for a few years now. 

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