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Ics Sa80/L85 A2 With Ris and Elcan Spectre Optic

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I am looking at selling my ICS SA80/L85 A2 AEG, its been modified to fit the daniel defence rail system, a replica Elcan Spectre optic (which features 1X/4X zoom toggle and a top mounted red dot) and a grip pod.


I could include a battery and a few midcaps, but don't expect that would influence the value much.


Its in really good condition, its just I have no idea what its worth so what to ask for it, really appreciate some advice on it.



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I have one of these, if it was mine I'd be advertising it for £375, wouldn't take any less than £330 that's just based on the weopon and defense system as I don't know the price of the sight, I have a susat on mine, so what ever the price of yours was add a bit on but at the end of the day it's really up to you and what you want for it, just remember the a2 is £300 the defence system you can get for about £140 and whatever the sight was, so yeah hope this helps I just bought mine about a month ago or I'd have bought it, good luck. 

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Thanks 2RIR, I was thinking in that sort of region.  The sight was over £100, might sell it separate as I think I would get more with it separated.

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