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  1. . 25 bbs the outdoor site i play at is still more or less cqb, but the range isn't great for the longer engagements, I'm new to the tech stuff but the .25bbs on the stock internals is OK but I've been told if I upgraded the bucking etc I'd get better accuracy with maybe a heavier bb, but since the site has an average engagement of 25/30 meters I wouldn't have to worry about getting better range,but it be nice to have a bit better range as well Yeah don't mind spending a bit but saying that I'm new to the tech side of things so don't want to be damaging anything on the installation, h
  2. Good morning all, I have a lancer tactical needletail, have to say not bad at all but now I have a few weopons in my arsenal I want to upgrade. So here's the problem with covid my tech guy is only doing warranty work for now and was wondering is there anywhere you can buy a r hop or flat hop etc already done so all I have to do is fit, or am I gonna have to try and do it myself, thanks for your help stay safe and I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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    This webbing is in very good condition all buckles etc work respirator pouch has a bit of fade but otherwise in good condition as depicted it had 2x ammo pouches, water bottle pouch, respirator pouch, 2x utility pouches and a pistol holster, it also has a hip protector attached for extra comfort, perfect for british army loadout and this specific webbing was used in operation banner.


    - GB

  4. I have one of these, if it was mine I'd be advertising it for £375, wouldn't take any less than £330 that's just based on the weopon and defense system as I don't know the price of the sight, I have a susat on mine, so what ever the price of yours was add a bit on but at the end of the day it's really up to you and what you want for it, just remember the a2 is £300 the defence system you can get for about £140 and whatever the sight was, so yeah hope this helps I just bought mine about a month ago or I'd have bought it, good luck.
  5. Is this the fobus holster you have?
  6. Seen that I've an idea to extend it a bit, a friend has a 3d printer if I can make one so the release button is better placed maybe I'll raise it up a bit if I can't no harm done. I have a fobus holster, I bought it if off this site for the glock but it don't fit either my strike warrior or the glock, even thought it was advertised for the glock 17,18&22 but it don't fit tried loosening the screw a bit but still too tight, must be for gbb I know the aep is a bit thicker, I'll try and render it just need a linisher or something to buff the inside a bit.
  7. Cheers for the info, have to say very informative and have orders in for the warrior, all because I can't find a good holster for My Tokyo marui 1911 Strike Warrior. So thanks for the help very much appreciated.
  8. Hi all, I hope you are safe and well. Just bought the 18c aep from Tokyo marui for my son I also got a fobus holster for it but it doesn't fit, does anyone know of a holster that does or am I gonna have to render the one I have, cheers for your time.
  9. Hi, hope all is well, my son wants a glock and I was looking at the Tokyo Marui 18c, cause the winter is coming and he loves s his pistols I was gonna get him the aep, I was told the cyma is pretty much the same weopon but a hell of a lot cheaper, just curious if anyone has both, or one or the other also is the magazines especially the 100 round mags compatible. Cheers, also can anyone recommend an aep that's pretty good that is not a glock, I know the real steel is an excellent weapon but I just fancy something different, thanks look forward to hearing from you.
  10. Good afternoon airsofters, I hope all is well, I was wondering if anyone uses any kind of sweat band when playing, with the excellent weather we have been having (for the most part) the oul foe of sweat into the Googles has been putting a downer in my sons game as well as my own. I don't really want to buy mesh goggles especially for my 12 year old but as an emergency back up can anyone recommend a set, or if you use a headband recommend that to all info is appreciated.
  11. I see what you mean I suppose it's getting the right tool for the job, timed and impact both have their advantages and disadvantages, a friend has the pulse armaments b1 bfg you can Set the timer between 1 & 10 seconds but personally I think its overpriced it over £100 but it's good for tripwires etc.
  12. The only reason for the impact is I haven't seen a timed multi shot, it's the time it takes to reload, not a game stopper for outdoor but a bit of a pain for cqb , I like to have my cake and eating it sort of guy
  13. Good evening airsofters I hope all is well, I was hoping for any opinions on the bfg grenades out there at the moment. I recently bought the dynatex time delay and so far absolutely spot on, I mostly play in woodland and I've seen other players with the impact grenade and it didn't go off, but I've been told cause I have the dynatex that their impact grenade is sensitive enough to go off on soft ground but is only single shot the same as the timed so does anyone own the dynatex impact grenade or a multi shot sensitive enough to go off on soft ground, thanks for you time and look forward to hea
  14. Good morning, I have a bit of a problem I'm hoping that someone can help with. I have a Tokyo marui 1911 Strike Warrior Gas BlowBack Pistol and I'm having trouble finding a quick release holster for it, I've been told there was a Web site that made custom holsters, as you can see by the image it has a meat grinder on the end of it, if any one knows of this site it would be sweet as if you could share that knowledge, I currently have a standard British Army dpm pistol holster and it does the job but it's not quick release, and if I undo the strap sooner or later it just falls out so any info wo
  15. Cheers for the feedback
  16. Hi has anyone bought the swat vtg, I see that you need a World pay account for it, but it looks like you need a business account as i tried to activate it but was asking for company name etc, was just wondering if anyone has ordered from swat as their vtg timed grenade is on sale at the moment for £65 a bargain from what I see.
  17. Hi I hope you got this problem resolved as I've ordered the swat vtg as they are on sale at the moment. Could you post if you got this issue resolved cheers
  18. Do you need a license of some sort to buy the primers for the bfgs
  19. Cheers for the feedback, we are heading out this Sunday to predator airsoft, they sell pyrotechnics, so see what they have, I was gonna buy the eraz but hearing your experience on them for £40 I just might give it a miss, the only thing is some cqb sites will only let you use the gas grenades so stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  20. Alright everyone how's the craic, could any of you tell me your veiws on grenades, is it better just to get the gas grenades like the eraz or just buy the pyros like the Enola Gaye. At £5 a touch it can run up a hefty bill thanks for your time.
  21. Alright everyone how's the craic, is there any airsoft conventions that happens in the UK or Europe, just looking for somewhere to go to see new gear and tech. If there is would you let me know, cheers.
  22. Cheers for the info might just stick to the pyrotechnics more fun anyway. As for the anti fog I'll let you know, I'm at a skirmish on Wednesday night so I'm gonna try a few things and see what works, then I'll let you know.
  23. Alright everyone hope all is safe and enjoying airsoft one again. I've a few questions for you about grenades & goggles/glasses so, over here in northern Ireland some sites don't let you use pyrotechnics indoors and some do, but I've been told that all gas grenades like the eraz and storm are all good to go so my question is, 1) what are your opinions on what is the best gas grenade to get. 2)have any of you used them. As for my other query what are your opinions for anti fog, I've been told soap, toothpaste etc but does any of these actually work, I use my ess v12s I wa
  24. Hi everyone, could anyone tell me what lipo battery to get. I got a nuprol 11.1v for my weapon and only after 2 charges the 1st cell stays blinking red and green while charging, the other 2 charged perfect, its definitely not the charger as it charged the other batteries just fine, any feedback would be appreciated if its even safe to run a battery with a faulty cell, I will get a new one its just for a back up. Just for info there's no swelling of the battery but unfortunately I don't have a meter to test it, is there a charger that can do it all. Thanks look forward to hearing from you.
  25. That's a brilliant offer , so my only concern is why so cheap?
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