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*** Covid-19 '6 Rule' Update***

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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Hey all, after much analysis of the new Covid-19 '6 rule' legislation and taking into consideration that we are both a leisure activity and a business with a duty of care to both our staff and players, are fully insured and have a Covid-19 Secure comprehensive risk assessment, plus existing Covid-19 secure measures to how we operate, in order to still open safely we've added additional changes to how game day's will work both safely and legally going forward. Under the following legislation (link below) we are allowed to stay open with more than 6 people in attendance as long as we abide by the law and have Covid-19 secure measures in place. These measures that we will be enforcing can be found below.

3.19 Hobby clubs / amateur musical groups / other leisure activities.
It is against the law to gather in groups of more than six, where people are from different households or support bubbles. The rule above does not mean that there cannot be more than six people in any one place. All activities for under 18s are exempt. There can be multiple groups of six people in a place, provided that those groups do not mingle.
We've therefore made the following strict measures to how we'll operate. Anyone found to be purposely breaking these measures at any point during the day will be removed from site and reported.
1) We're taking group bookings of 6 people or less only.
2) It is mandatory as a Covid-19 Secure business for us to ask for contact Track and Trace consent during your booking, however you can choose to opt out of it if you wish.
3) Social distancing during queuing at Signing In, Chrono area, Cafe and any other interaction with staff in the safe zone. Although our staff have and wear Face Coverings during the day we recommend that players bring their own face covering for their own piece of mind when interacting with our staff and other players.
4) Follow the one way systems and any signage that are in place to get in and around the safe zone so that we can all safely socially distance.
5) Safe Zone Player Pods are there for your safety, only players designated to those pods may enter those pods.
6) No touching or sharing other players equipment unless they are within your own social bubble.
7) Teams would be separated into smaller squads (of 6 players or less) within their own team at the time of teaming players up in the morning, squads will be used during game briefings and starting positions for Game On.
😎 Staff monitoring the 6 rule and player social distancing within the safe zone and also during games to ensure players don't clump together in more than 6's.
9) A compulsory 10 minute break during both the morning and afternoon to enable those without full fingered gloves to wash hands. We have portable wash stations that will be taken into the game zone.
10) Nominated Medics with foam batons during games (as we fondly now call 'cattle prods' lol) to revive players.
11) Only players that have full fingered gloves may handle props and or objectives during games.
12) No melee kills.
13) Gatherings around bunkers / barricades will be restricted to 6 players or less and will be monitored by our staff during games.
14) Rental kit users will be required to wear gloves, these can be any type of glove such as vinyl or tactical but must be full fingered.

Hope to see you all for a safe and fun game soon.

Cheers Carl


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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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