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Hello everyone!


My names George and I am the owner of a new UK based online store called MSR Airsoft. We just opened the store this week and after reading the rules I thought I would just make a post to let you know of our existence (will take google a while to find us)!


It is still very early days for our shop and at present it is just an online store but if things go well we would be looking to open a store in Liverpool in the future. Our stock is fairly limited at present but we are constantly receiving stock from our distributors and updating our store all the time!


If you would like to have a look at our store then please visit - https://www.msrairsoft.com


We are open to any feedback, suggestions or criticisms of the site as it is all helpful for us! We are also open to any stock suggestions as well (although we have a lot of stock we simply have been unable to add onto the site at present).


Just to let you know that we are registered with UKARA and BAC.


Thanks for taking the time to read the post 😊


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Looks pretty good so far, will be interested to see how you develop - we could do with more retailers in the north west.


Will be very interested in visiting if/when you open a physical store.


Little update, might be worth tweaking your store settings to allow people the option of checking out without having to sign up?


Just a thought.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes it would be nice to offer a physical store for customers as I know that online shopping is never quite the same as trying out the gun in person!


The sign up option was implemented just so that we could collect defence details easier but to be honest I can see it being frustrating if you just want to buy BBs etc. Will look at offering a guest check out option ASAP!


EDIT: Guest checkout has now been added, there is now a box to enter defence details before purchase.

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