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Tier 1, Operation Warpath, Date Change. Now JULY 15/16/17

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TIER 1 Military Simulation Ltd, new mission intel for Operation Warpath...









-(Please also read Operation SNAKEBITE’s previous intelligence briefs and After Action Review (AAR) for background information relevant to upcoming Operation WARPATH)-





Following Operation SNAKEBITE - earlier this year in April - permission has been granted for a deniable black operation across the Afghanistan / Pakistan (AFPAK) border in Pakistan. This will be a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) operation led from BAGRAM in Afghanistan.


The joint Task Force (TF) COBRA - consisting of members from A Squadron, Reconnaissance Troop, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), SEAL operators from DEVGRU and commando's from UKSF's - Special Boat Service (SBS) - are to be inserted into an Area of Operations (AO) of the YASIN VALLEY in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) inside Pakistan - Designated AO ALLIGATOR.


It is in AO ALLIGATOR that OBJ KINGSTON's - Mullah Kazim Numair, AKA PANTHER - last known location has been recorded.


The information was picked up by Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) operators from the Intelligence Support Activity (ISA. The team were inserted into the YASIN VALLEY following the clear up operation after the battle in the cave system beneath the MODUURI FORT during Operation SNAKEBITE.


During this battle it is believed that PANTHER was wounded before he managed to escape with a handful of AQT/MILITIA fighters and is in need of medical treatment and possibly surgery. Due to this information we believe that PANTHER has not made it out of the YASIN VALLEY to date.


A call from a cell phone was intercepted by the ISA operators in the general YASIN VALLEY area, where an urgent request was made for a local doctor to aid several unidentified males who were not local to that area. The DOCTOR initially declined, but finally agreed after having his life and the lives of his family threatened with beheading. This is all documented and will be released in the "Operation WARPATH" Target Development Pack, prior to deployment.


This call was the one the ISA operators had been waiting for and was traced to an area 3km square in the North West sector of the YASIN VALLEY, south of the villages SHAHMAN and CHAKHTAI. The exact location of PANTHER and the DOCTOR are still being triangulated, but we believe the DOCTOR is in one of the two villages and we believe that PANTHER is in the wooded lowlands nearby.


We think PANTHER will be working from a small transient camp, deep in the wooded lowlands, hidden from aerial view and away from any major transit routes.


We strongly believe PANTHER will be transported to the DOCTOR. However, the possibility also exists that the DOCTOR may be taken to PANTHER. Either way, the DOCTOR is of great importance now and will be key in identifying PANTHER's current location.


Once again senior CIA case officer codenamed "SPIDER" and his small hand-picked team of operators from the agency's Special Activities Division (SAD ) C/S REDSKIN - are being inserted into the AO in the next few days able to react to any information gleaned by the ISA SIGINT team leading to the DOCTOR's location. Once SPIDER has positive identification of the DOCTOR, he is to carry out close surveillance, follow his movements on the ground, with a view to leading TF COBRA to PANTHER and his AQT's.


TF COBRA will assist in this after they are inserted into the AO once the DOCTOR has been identified and will also be tasked with the long range reconnaissance patrols (LRRP) to locate, observe and kill or capture PANTHER and the AQT's in the dense wooded lowlands should he not come to the DOCTOR in either villages or elsewhere.



JSOC have also tasked two high altitude surveillance General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper UAV’s to be on permanent 24/7 station, overflying the target area. The ISA operators are still on the ground working from a covert location from where they continue to monitor as much traffic coming from this area as possible.



If PANTHER had not been wounded, we believe he would have disappeared in a similar fashion just as Usama Bin Laden (UBL) did in 2002 after fleeing TORA BORA and a timetable for his kill or capture would have been made uncertain. However, following the take down of UBL, we now believe PANTHER is set to become Al Qaeda's (AQ) top Far Eastern Military Operations commander (FEMOC) once he has recovered and is moved out of the area and firmly off of our radar.


We know that the tempo of global anti terrorist operations against AQ is leaving them thin on the ground in terms of strong operational leadership. If PANTHER is taken out of the equation, it will leave a temporary vacuum in the command structure for this region's AQ and reduce their military operations significantly. It is therefore imperative that TF COBRA kill or capture PANTHER.


However, it does not mean that PANTHER, due to his physical state is non-operational - He is supported by highly trained and motivated AQT operatives, who we know of one - MALIK - that has already been escorted out of Pakistan and is currently at large in the UK!


What PANTHER plans to use the rest of these elite AQT operators for remains unclear as the nature and details of these missions are still unknown, but what is absolutely certain is that they will have an impact out of all proportion to the small numbers of terrorists carrying them out. It is not just PANTHER we are after. We want all of the AQT's with him killed or captured.






We believe that PANTHER is supported by up to 8 of his elite AQT fighters made up of Arab, Pakistani, Uzbek and Chechen volunteers and an unknown amount of Gullbudin Hanyar-Mahkti's (GHM) MILITIA fighters.


We believe GHM himself has returned with a large amount of his MILITIA to his mountain stronghold further North near BARKULTI following Operation SNAKEBITE. BARKULTI is around 1.5hrs drive from AO ALLIGATOR and GHM could be called upon as a QRF of sorts should PANTHER get the chance to. However, should that occur, the MQ-9 Reaper UAV’s will be directed to attempt to destroy any approaching convoy if identified as GMH or his MILITIA.


We also believe that PANTHER's group still have several US FIM-92 “Stinger” Man-Portable Air-Defence System (MANPADS) in their possession and are armed with a range of small arms, RPG's, IED devices and a quantity of the deadly Chemical agent "YELLOW RAIN". The MANPADS make a helicopter insertion too dangerous an option for TF COBRA and we are currently developing a plan to insert covertly via vehicles and then on foot.


PANTHER's group are highly effective combat veterans borne out of many years fighting a bloody guerrilla war against ISAF and its Tier One Special Operations Forces (SOF). They are extremely well trained in modern military small unit tactics, ideally suited for the dense wooded lowlands of the YASIN VALLEY and will be extremely difficult to target and kill or capture.


The area is also populated with many tribal factions, some of which support the civilian government, with many more supporting Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of Tehrik-i Taliban - The Taliban in Pakistan. Another large proportion is made up of simple, village/tribal militants.


ALL are considered hostile.





Element REDSKIN - SPIDER and his SAD team - will deploy into the AO within the next 48hrs. Once on the ground they are to link up with the ISA team at their safe-house from which they will conduct covert surveillance of the DOCTOR once his location has been identified.


The ISA team will continue monitoring all radio and cell traffic coming out of the target area and attempt to triangulate the coordinates for the DOCTOR and PANTHER's location.


TF COBRA are to insert into AO ALLIGATOR, establish a patrol harbour area within the wooded lowlands from which to mount LRRP with a view to locate PANTHER and the AQT encampment. A section from TF COBRA is to assist Element REDSKIN with surveillance of the DOCTOR should this be required.


Once TF COBRA are deployed the nearest Friendly Forces are a rapidly-deployable QRF, 2nd Platoon, BRAVO Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, stationed across the AFPAK border in Afghanistan at FOB SANDERSON.


Detailed team tasks and further intelligence (including target imagery pack) to follow via secure data-link to all sub-unit commanders.


Commanders at all levels are to absorb the above information and begin pre-training and preparation for likely tasks. If further clarification is required units are to contact JSOC J2/J3 Cells as soon as possible for guidance.








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After spending a day with these guys doing patrol training, I have to say, they take the job very seriously, and have a massive wealth of experience to share.


So, if you take part in one of their events it will be as close to the real thing as you can get, without the worry of bullets and beastings :)



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