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Heavily Upgraded TM Scar L

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Make/brand: Tokyo Marui SCAR L

Any accessories included: 3 x pts epm mid caps, 2 x Marui High caps, 1 x Marui mid cap, M4 mag adaptor, 2 x M4 high caps & 1 x G&G M4 drum mag. Presented in a tan nuprol hard case. 5 x 7.4V batteries. 


Not including labour, delivery  or accessories I have spent:


TM Scar L - £470
Gate Titan Advanced - £125
Prometheus Hard Gear Set - £97
Prometheus Hard Piston - £32
Lonex 5.9mm Bearings - £9
Laylax M4 May Adaptor - £13
Lonex M4 Cylinder Head - £10
Lonex Piston Head - £14
Prometheus 300mm 6.03  - £55

Laylax Stock Button - £23

TM Samarium Cobalt - £120


Total cost = £968


Not box fresh but in very good condition as it's only been skirmished 4 - 5 times, majority of which were half-days. 


Plus it's worth mentioning that this has been checked over, tuned, some parts (Piston, spring, hop bucking) replaced and given the Camoraids seal of approval by Marek.


What do you reckon guys? 


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