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Aeg wiring issue

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hey guys so recently i had changed the whole wiring on my m4 NOt a mosfet on the wiring , normal wiring harness G&P and for some reason it will only shoot on a 7.4v lipo and will not work on an 11.1vlipo unless I cycle a couple of shots with the 7.4 lipo and switch to 11.1V lipo then it will work. previously on the old wiring, the gun would work perfectly with an 11.1v lipo 

i put a G&P wiring  harness dean connects and I replace it on my mp5 and my m4 and I having this issue on both guns and it makes no sense to me since there is no built-in MOSFET 

has anyone come across such a thing before or has an idea what the issue may be?

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I'd point a finger at the motor. It sounds like you have cooked the insulation a little.

If you have a spare motor drop it in and test. If the problem vanishes then it's time to bin the motor if you can't rewind it.

AK2M4 sell well priced replacement motors. The RA/SHS high torque is £29.




The other thing that is worth looking at is the fuse. It is possible to have a fuse right under the blow point, where it gets very hot and glows but doesn't blow. If you see a glowing fuse remove it and bridge the gap. The old fuse from the other loom may fix it.

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