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kings arms or cybergun/cyma m1a1

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right i have the money for a new gun i want it to be a m1a1 thomson,

which make do i go for though?

cyma or kings arms, there is not that many reviews out there for the kings arms but loads for cyma,

i am not a tm fan, so its ether kings arms or cyma


so fair the differences are.

kings arms cost £20 more than cyma

king arms comes with no batt or charger but that does not bother me

the cyma has a easy blowback mod, but dont know if this can be done with the kings arms one as the hop up is located behind the bolt

both come with 1 metal high cap


i really dont know which one to buy and i really want to buy one asap


any ww2 guys out there who can share there thoughts??



cheers in advance guys.

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King Arms really aren't a good airsoft gun supplier.


cheers for the advice m8 but i kings arms are a make, not a supplier?

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