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1066 Airsoft - Hastings

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Thought id do a little write up about this site.

So, after moving tot he area this site is pretty much the closest one to me. Went there today for a nice game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. was a good atmosphere from the staff and other players every one was very friendly and I didnt hear any complaining at the end of the day from people moaning about not taking hits.


So i'll run over my day there;

  1.  The Brief - It was short and sweet. went over the basic rules didnt go on too long just stated what to do if certain commands are given
  2. The Staff - Friendly, approachable, and seemed happy to help, Left my BBs back in the safe zone so one of the marshals just threw me a high cap without even having to ask. I dont expect a handout but little things like that leave a good impression with me.
  3. The saze zone - While tracking down hill was not how I thought id be starting the day just to get through all the farm down to the entrance of the field once there it seemed well set up. Toilets with proper ones not porta-loos the set up area was fully covered and protected from the elements they also had a urn set up for hot drinks and lots of bottled water for people to have at. so in all they seemed very well prepared which is what you want to see.
  4. The play area - Now on this particular day we were limited to just the back field which was set on a hill, there is a "Kill house" field but I did not get to experience it. Now the field I did get to use was fairly small with hard cover lightly scattered around the place. Not the best admittedly compared to others but wide open woodland offered plenty of flanking routes so while end to end was short the wide and open play area kept it entertaining.
  5. Game modes - Two game modes that we played were Deathmatch (first to 100kills) and Fallback ( attack and defend game mode) as the site was relatively small the game modes suited the field well and made for a constant play style game play so walking back to re-spawn wasn't too much of a hassle and somewhat quick if you wanted to get back into the action.


Now during one of the game an individual was injured and I will have to say the overall response from all marshalls and guys from the safe zone was very quick. so its nice to see a place that is able to respond so effectively and efficiently to an on site emergency.


1066 airsoft also have a shop based in st leonards and they are the friendliest  bunch of guys you'll meet. 


Overall, While not the best site if you're into the milsim gameplay you can still have a great time at this site and would recommend it be one of the sites you put on your visit list. Plus hastings is beautiful and I'll personally invite you to a game of pirate mini golf on the seafront.

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