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AGM M4 Stubby Killer midcap

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Hi all,


Recently picked up the AGM off of here as something to fool around with when I'm outdoors rather than my usual CQB.


I'll be attending my first Milsim in September in a BASR role, but am planning to bring the m4 to increase my functionality inside the MED. I normally run pistols, but as this is the first one I'm going to I want to keep it simple with a lump of metal and a battery, rather than 15 hundred mags and 90 bottles of gas.


The problem is; I don't have any midcaps, which are required for the milsim. I've tried a couple of my friends' mags, but either had feeding issues or the mag fell out. Unfortunately, I can't remember the brands of these.


Anyone have any experience with midcaps that would fit and feed without me having to buy a bunch and test myself?


Thanks a lot

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