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  1. Distracted

    Strange battery problem

    Been out of comms for a few days, but this have been resolved. The trigger switch and motor were both partially fried, meaning they could handle lower C ratings, but was unable to draw on a higher
  2. Distracted

    Well G293A MKVI Webley .455 CO2 Revolver

    Given the copy-pasted description, I imagine he knows this. Pinch of salt with any future listings I think
  3. Distracted

    Strange battery problem

    Hi all, Got some new batteries today, VP Airsoft 7.4lipos with 30c and 1600mAh to run my PDR-C. The old battery is a Nuprol 7.4 with 20c and 1100mAh. The problem is that none of the (5!) new batteries will fire the PDR-C, but they all work fine with a different AEG. The old battery works fine with both guns. Any ideas?
  4. Distracted

    Well G293A MKVI Webley .455 CO2 Revolver

    £65 new on Patrol Base, just saying
  5. Distracted

    PDR-C upgrades

    More or less what I figured, I just enjoy tinkering. I've heard the stock motor is crap though?
  6. Distracted

    PDR-C upgrades

    Hi all. Looking to put a little more punch into my PDR, but not sure exactly what to put in there. I understand it has some proprietary parts, but so far advice has been hop rubber, barrel and motor. The former two I'm happy with, but I'm yet to venture into the world of AEG teching, so have no idea what type of motor/gears etc produce what results. What can I upgrade in this AEG given its immense lack of internal space and proprietary parts, and what part should I use in there? I'm not looking to blow crazy money on this, but I plan on using this gun for the foreseeable future, so can save as long as needed. Thanks
  7. Distracted

    Sniper UPGRADED

    If you expect this to sell, I'd advise finding out exactly what was changed. There are dozens if not hundreds of aftermarket barrel brands, for example. Some are good, some are terrible. People won't buy something that's been messed with and they don't know how
  8. Distracted

    Lightweight Sniper sidearm

    isnt that the fella that went out of production a decade back?
  9. Distracted

    Lightweight Sniper sidearm

    What would you suggest as a holster? I don't suppose theres a cheaper option that DTD?
  10. Distracted

    Lightweight Sniper sidearm

    Hello friends! I'm looking for a lightweight and compact secondary for a BASR loadout. My issues here are that smgs/rifles are heavy and bulky and pistols tend to lose out in range and mag capacity. I'm open to using either, but I'd like a few suggestions as to what I can work with Cheers
  11. Distracted

    AGM M4 Stubby Killer midcap

    Hi all, Recently picked up the AGM off of here as something to fool around with when I'm outdoors rather than my usual CQB. I'll be attending my first Milsim in September in a BASR role, but am planning to bring the m4 to increase my functionality inside the MED. I normally run pistols, but as this is the first one I'm going to I want to keep it simple with a lump of metal and a battery, rather than 15 hundred mags and 90 bottles of gas. The problem is; I don't have any midcaps, which are required for the milsim. I've tried a couple of my friends' mags, but either had feeding issues or the mag fell out. Unfortunately, I can't remember the brands of these. Anyone have any experience with midcaps that would fit and feed without me having to buy a bunch and test myself? Thanks a lot
  12. Distracted

    Anyone got an ASG CZ75 P09 Duty?

    I do indeed have a Shadow version, thanks Lewis. It’s brilliant and i’d recommend getting one. The hop up hasn’t given me any trouble, though I do plan on upgrading it soon. The paint on it is thin and wears easily, but everything else is built like a rock. I’m not bothered by huge realism, so don’t care in the slightest about the paint, I’ll just respray if it gets tooooooo bad. It’s worth noting almost any pistol will suffer paint damage from holstering or slide cycling. Its a very heavy slide, so does struggle with green gas, but stronger gas or my personal favourite CO2 gives it the kick it needs. This is a very important factor for me. I don’t know much about the p09, but I do know I’m a better shot than a friend of mine who owns one To conclude, it’s a brilliant gun now I have it set the way I like it, however there are definitely models out there such as the glocks and hicapas that work just as well. At the end of the day, it’s going to be yours and you should pick the one you like. Any issues you may have can usually be fixed up pretty easily by anyone that knows what they’re doing. Bit of a scattered text spam, apologies - I finished my last uni exam of the year today and am a little worse for wear.
  13. Distracted

    Identification help

    Hi all, recently picked this up off a mate for 20 quid (because why not) and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I believe it’s a KWC, but wanted other opinions. No mags with it, but a WE green gas mag does fit and fire with it. Cheers
  14. Distracted


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 9 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: -1 because of minor unspecified damage to the bodywork covering the gearbox, but otherwise all as stated. Very friendly and was happy to help with my requests along the way.
  15. Distracted


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): YesAny other comments: Bought his CZ75 Shadow. Everything went flawlessly and I couldn't be happier.