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Airsoft Engenuity - PTS MKM (LM4) Adjustable nozzle

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Hello all,


Thought I would make a brief review being as in depth as I can without wasting too much of your time.


I recently dived into the world of HPA - HOWEVER before you bring the pitchforks out, I am using the tanks to fill my GBBR's.

My issue when using it for my PTS MKM however is at 80PSI (much lower than that of green gas), I was getting 380fps on 0.2s and sluggish cycling form the lowered PSI.

I play CQB so I needed a solution to my problem.



Enter Airsoft Engenuity - Various products for many GBBR parts (and who may or may not make custom stuff given the designs), one of which was a carbon fibre nozzle for the PTS MKM (both 556 and 308 versions).


Unfortunately the nozzle was not to my aftermarket part's spec. That being said he spent no time wasted in helping me modify and eventually reprinting a new nozzle to my exact bolt carrier group sizings, as well as catering to my endless questions on modifications to the nozzle for a week prior.  (I should say this may have been avoided if I knew that the nozzle may not have worked with some aftermarket parts! Whoops!).


The newly printed nozzle came exactly to the spec of my rifle, it fit like a dream and no extra fitment or modifications were needed. 

Perfect air seal on the nozzle o-ring to bolt carrier, perfect hop seal, perfect feeding (I have tested with over 10 mags on semi-auto and full-auto).


Now the default setting on the nozzle gave a VERY low reading of around 270fps at 120PSI, however I had a large adjustment room to up that to a respectable 330fps, with extra material left to increase further to what I project to be 400fps at 120PSI.

Another thing to note is it gave a nice extra little bit of kick with the new nozzle - like a child in a sweet shop you should have seen my grin when I used full-auto.



I cannot fault the design, works perfectly every time and a very consistent FPS for a GBBR.

Being 3D printed it may have a rough appearance but do not let that fool you, it is SOLID. 

During his many gestures of goodwill printing me multiple new parts and sending them up, he got me to take a hammer to the old one, to which it took several strikes with a hefty amount of force to eventually cause ANY damage to the nozzle.

I have reports from another user that they have sent easily over 5000 rounds with this nozzle without noticeable wear.


I have yet to use, but I have been told another excellent upgrade for your LM4 / PTS MKM, is Airsoft Engenuity's Hop unit.




To all LM4 or PTS MKM owners, I would highly suggest using this nozzle, it is by far the best upgrade I have ever used, solving many issues with FPS, air seal and double feeds.


Other than that AAA rating for service and customer satisfaction!


I welcome any questions about the nozzle or Airsoft Engenuity . :)

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That is awesome news. AE are currently designing a Vector nozzle, and I can’t wait to try it👍🏻



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