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Pistol holster with ammo pouches

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Hi guys,


Can anyone point me in the direction of a pistol holster that has pouches for my RiF mags? Can't seem to find them anywhere - and what doesn't help is that I am a more 'portly' gentlemen so need a biggun :D


Any help would be much appreciated!!



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So you want a holster to carry your pistol which also has pouches to carry your RIF main gun mags or your pistol mags?


If it is for your pistol and pistol mags then have you had a look at molle leg platforms as there are several that have molle pistol holsters and either inclusive or extra pistol mag holders.




fly universal holster at £16 looks ok


If you are looking at a pistol holster as well as pouches to carry your main gun mags, ie m4 or ak mags etc, then you are looking at a tactical vest or webbing.


As a portly gent myself I find s95 webbing to be very comfy. Belt extends upto 42" standard and you can buy extenders upto 50 odd. I just use the front ammo pouches and can get 5 m4 mags a botle of water and a pouch of bb's in quite easily. Add on a rear utility pouch then you can add another couple of bottles of water. You can also attatch holsters to the belt section quite easily as it is a standard webbing width 2" I think)

http://www.flecktarn.co.uk/dpwws2nx.html also comes up on ebay a lot, I paid £15 for mine second hand


Or look at a tactical vest by viper or webtex, one of them has a cross draw vest. Viper vests extend to 50"+ chest sizes.

http://www.flecktarn.co.uk/bltav4nx.html also come up on ebay a lot.


hope that helps

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