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Can any stock fit my M4 - Nuprol delta pioneer defender

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I’m just starting out in airsoft and I want to buy a new rail system and stock to fit on my Nuprol delta pioneer defender as I found they aren’t the best... As I’m a bit short on money as a student, I’d hate to buy something that doesn’t work. So can any stock and rail system fit my M4 ? 

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Retractable stocks fit into what on the real gun is called the buffer tube. We call it the same just for convenience. Buffer tube comes in two types, Milspec and civilian.



Most Airsoft guns are Milspec.

The rail is held in place by the barrel nut. This screws onto a threaded lug on the front of the gun where the barrel emerges from the receiver. This is different to the real gun thread, but most Airsoft M4s are the same.


Your best source for cheap goodies is dhgate.com. Loads of Airsoft stuff, and a lot of 'real steel' stocks that'll fit.

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My Nuprol Delta SOPMOD has a wobbly stock...just fixed it by putting a strip of velcro (soft bit) on the buffer tube and then put the stock back on..now nice and tight.  :)

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