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WE G36c GBB Upgrades.

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Hi all. I've been searching this forum for advise on upgrading my WE G36c. I've heard very mixed reviews on the Ra Tech parts. Can anyone give a definitive answer on what's worth an upgrade in this rifle and what's not worth changing? Eventually I'm going to be running it on HPA if this makes a difference.


Any help greatly appreciated 


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Hi, I've got the same rifle and I've done a bunch of research on what I want to upgrade on it.


RA-TECH CNC charging handle

RA-TECH 6.01 barrel or EdGi barrel


Maple leaf VSR hop rubber


Not an upgrade, but optional


RA-TECH CNC steel trigger mechanism set


Can't comment on RA-TECH parts, but there's not alot of after market manufacturers out there for this GBBR.


Hope this helps


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