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Krytac CRB Upgrade Help

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Hi all,

I have been a proud owner of my MK1 CRB for about 18 months, and apart from a Maple Leaf bucking and concave nub, it is completely stock internally.

I am now looking to tune the CRB to improve consistency, accuracy and longevity of the internals. I'm not after ridiculous ROF or anything yet, but just want an overall tune-up. I currently run with 7.4v lipos, as I mainly use semi, but would running an 11.1v lipo increase cycling speed and improve trigger response?

With regards to the barrel group; I have seen that Prometheus do a nice Krytac spec barrel, so I think I'll be getting that. First question: Is there any big advantage with r-hopping over my Maple Leaf setup that is worth the extra effort/expense? Secondly, is upgrading to a Prowin hop-up necessary over a Krytac's similarly rotary unit?

In the gearbox, is there anything that needs to be done? I have seen an older video which shows that the gears should be pretty well shimmed OOTB and that the only real area to look at is the nozzle. I see that Prometheus also make a Krytac spec head and nozzle - is that a good buy? Should I worry about reshimming and correcting AOE? Would it be necessary to upgrade the gears and go further or should I see a significant improvement with the above upgrades alone?

Thanks for your help guys!

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