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  1. Hi all,I have been a proud owner of my MK1 CRB for about 18 months, and apart from a Maple Leaf bucking and concave nub, it is completely stock internally.I am now looking to tune the CRB to improve consistency, accuracy and longevity of the internals. I'm not after ridiculous ROF or anything yet, but just want an overall tune-up. I currently run with 7.4v lipos, as I mainly use semi, but would running an 11.1v lipo increase cycling speed and improve trigger response?With regards to the barrel group; I have seen that Prometheus do a nice Krytac spec barrel, so I think I'll be getting that. First question: Is there any big advantage with r-hopping over my Maple Leaf setup that is worth the extra effort/expense? Secondly, is upgrading to a Prowin hop-up necessary over a Krytac's similarly rotary unit?In the gearbox, is there anything that needs to be done? I have seen an older video which shows that the gears should be pretty well shimmed OOTB and that the only real area to look at is the nozzle. I see that Prometheus also make a Krytac spec head and nozzle - is that a good buy? Should I worry about reshimming and correcting AOE? Would it be necessary to upgrade the gears and go further or should I see a significant improvement with the above upgrades alone? Thanks for your help guys!
  2. Sev

    TM MK23 gas question

    Cheers for the info. I'm aware of that issue with TM mags and the fix, and will do away with that valve if that happens. Good to know I can run the stronger gas though, cheers!
  3. Sev

    TM MK23 gas question

    Anyone here have or had any experience or issues running this sidearm on high-power gasses? I'm thinking that there shouldn't be any obvious problems seeing as there are minimal moving parts and the gas is just propellant, right? I'm currently running it on Abbey Predator Ultra and getting about 310fps on 0.2g. Would like that nearer 350fps as I have a TDC mod and am looking to use 0.36g bbs. I was thinking that Abbey Vertex gas could be the answer but don't want to break the gun.
  4. Failing that, I have a hurricane XPS3 clone available. Pm if interested.
  5. Sev

    Whats your favourite game type/scenario?

    The guys at Spec Ops in Dorset come up with great games. Recently we played a Terminator game. Each team has a base and the objective is to capture the opponent's base. Whilst you are both fighting for ground between them, a Marshall (wearing a mask) is fully-loaded with a full-auto AEG as the Terminator. He is invincible, moves like a robot with big, slow strides and spews bb's at enemies. The Terminator needs to be touched by a player for him to be loyal to that team, where he will slowly walk towards the enemy base. The opposing team can re-tag him to gain possession of the Terminator. A grenade will 'deactivate' the Terminator for 1 minute, which can open up opportunities to take possession. If you are hit you respawn at your base, but if your team has possession of the Terminator then you respawn 25m back. A great game. if you're thinking of doing it, the Terminator needs a good 3000-5000 rnds on him Also, we played this in a woodland site.
  6. Sev

    Lipo chargers !!!!! 😡

    New(ish) IMAX B6 owner. Incredible bit of kit.
  7. Sev

    Help with first AEG

    That is a lush weapon! I've just purchased a CRB from Pro Airsoft Supplies. Managed to get their last model in my preferred FDE. The guys there were super-helpful and took the time to answer all questions I had. They are also going to swap in a spring and get it firing as close to 350fps as possible before they ship it to me. I am seriously looking forward to getting my hands on it! They recommended Ares Ameoba midcaps, which were a decent enough price for a box of 5. Got those for now but will definitely look for PTS EPMs as they spring up! Thanks for all your help guys!
  8. Hi all! Been to a few games now and should qualify for my UKARA after my next game, so I'm about to purchase my first gun (and leave the world of rentals behind!). Play with my cousin, who also introduced me to airsoft, and a few other guys on occasion. Have some very basic gear but once I grab my first gun I will build that up I'm sure! Will be looking to venture out to other fields in the surrounding areas and trying to play as often as I can around my work, hopefully meeting plenty of people along the way. Can safely say I've bitten the bug! Thought I'd register on the forum as I'm sure I'll be needing lots of advice as I learn the ins and outs of airsoft but I also think this is a good way of exploring the community further.
  9. Sev

    Help with first AEG

    Thanks. Pretty set on the Krytac now I think. I just need to find one! Did Pro Airsoft Supplies fit the spring for you or did you do that yourself? I was after the Tr4-18 Light so the CRB may be closer in length. That said, I'm mainly playing woodland stuff atm so the SPR wouldn't be a bad choice. Seeing as I can't afford a second gun for a while I may opt for the CRB to be a little more versatile, though. What midcaps would you guys recommend for it?
  10. Sev

    Help with first AEG

    Thanks for the reply. Did you find the 416 reliable enough? Did you manage to find decent-feeding midcaps or have to modify the magwell? The fact I don't have a shop locally stocking the CRB is an issue for me otherwise I would probably opt for that. Did you replace the stock spring yourself, and what did you use?
  11. Sev

    Help with first AEG

    Zero One Airsoft (Bournemouth) I'd love you grab one but I need to stick to a budget. I also have to buy mags, batteries, charger and sling I must admit I am tempted with the Krytac but would really like to get my hands on one to try it out.
  12. Hi all. This is my first post here and sorry it's a long one! I am about to acquire my UKARA and looking to buy my first AEG. I am looking to spend £300-£350 and I'm looking for a solid platform that can adapt with me as I continue to get obsessed with the sport. I want something solid and reliable that will require minimal upgrades to perform well and shoot under but as close to 350fps. I have narrowed my choice to two weapons but there are pros and cons to each. ****G&G Advanced (Top Tech) TR4-18 Gen3**** This gun has everything I'm looking for to be honest and it's perfect. Yes, it would be nice to have better trades like the VFC or TM but the internals sound much more superior, which is more important for me. Here are the good and bads: PROS * Full picatinny rail on top, sides and underneath so easy to fit attachments * Apparently a quality hop up * Pneumatic blowback looks and sounds good * Stock iron sights good * Really nice grip * Feels nice and weighty (albeit a little nose-heavy) * Fantastic trigger response and ROF * Support of my local shop who LOVE G&G * Prefer the HK416 look CONS * Mosfets aren't best quality and can heat up and/or burn out * Gearboxes can crack * Blowback can pack up and makes upgrades/repairs a pain * (big issue) M4 mag compatibility problems ****Krytac Trident CRB**** I looked at this gun before I was turned towards the 418. This gun would also be a fantastic option and whilst I may prefer the look and feel of the 418 this is also a fantastic looking weapon. PROS * Keymod rail system looks awesome and different * Numbered hop up for easy adjustment * Better compatibility with most M4 mags * Ambidextrous fire selector * Internals sound a little better than the 418 maybe? (Reinforced gearbox etc) CONS * Some units had badly milled barrels or issues with accuracy * Short stock spring (so I've read) and lower FPS out of the box * Keymod rail requires rail sections to be purchased extra * My local shop won't have the same tech support with this gun Please correct me if any of the above is incorrect. My local Airsoft shop is really pro G&G and this is both good and bad. I have been able to get a good hands-on with the 418 and I will have the support right there should anything go wrong. The downside is that should I opt for the Krytac, which they do not stock so I would have to buy elsewhere, I won't have that same level of support at all. It also means I can't try the Krytac and would have to buy that trusting in its reputation and hope that I don't get a lemon! If any of you guys can offer any help, advice or experiences of either guns then I would be really grateful. I'm sorry for the super long post but I feel I need to turn to the community to help me with my first AEG purchase! Thanks!