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    If you’ve watched Cleanshot’s videos on YouTube, you’d see him using a Reliku Customs VSR-R. Here is your chance to own one that is fully customized with nothing but the highest-quality parts! The Reliku Customs VSR-R is a custom one-piece outer barrel and receiver made from lightweight aluminium that is designed to eliminate many of the problematic variables and provide a stable, strong and consistent platform for performance parts to shine. That’s not all, there is also an integrated suppressor within the barrel! This custom design is actually Reliku’s tenth ever made and was built before Cleanshot’s. There is the number 10 stamped on the action which is visible from the magwell. There are are many custom mods and high performance parts to make this one of the best performing VSR-based snipers you’ll shoot. This project was a labour of love and cost me a lot more than this asking price to build, but this rifle was worth every penny I spent. I have used about 6,000 rounds in it to date. I only ever use Geoff’s Super Precision 0.43g bb’s and nothing else and it has been cleaned and maintained regularly. I am selling this rifle because I am undertaking a couple of new airsoft projects that will likely mean I will not get the use from this gun it deserves, so it is best to sell and put the funds towards those projects. I would also hate to see it just sat in its case collecting dust, when it deserves to be out in the field leaving welts and bruises on its victims! The full spec list is below. Included in the sale is: · The VSR-R itself · Integrated Multicam sling · Optics and Camo · Rifle Case · 2 x Action Army 50rnd mags · 6 x TM 25rnd mags · Stock Pouch Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to own a high-end VSR-based rifle at the snip of the price it would cost to build! Price: £675 excl. Shipping SPECIFICATIONS Rifle Custom made VSR-R one-piece action with integrated suppressor by Reliku Customs. Engraved #10. Trigger Group PDI Palsonite cylinder PDI VSR450 spring PDI stainless spring guide PDI tapered cylinder head PDI duralumin 90° HD piston Springer’s S-Trigger v.7 with modified stopper and sear to reduce cylinder wear and sear fouling. Milled Acetal Copolymer cylinder sleeve Barrel Group Action Army VSR hop-up chamber Maple Leaf Autobot 70° VSR bucking Maple Leaf concave nub Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 430mm 6.03mm TB barrel 3D printed PLA barrel spacers 3D printed suppressor endcap with foam surround throughout TM VSR mounting block, modified to fit action. Skee’s 3D printed TDC Mod with modified adjustment screw for improved durability. Furniture TM VSR Stock heavily modified to take VSR-R action, with custom sling slots and sound insulation TM VSR trigger guard TM Gspec bolt handle SMK 3-9x40 scope with custom sunshade and integral lens protector Scope cant level Performance Stock PDI VSR450 spring: 0.20g - 498fps / 2.3J 0.43g - 355fps / 2.5J Effective Range: 90m Longest confirmed kill: 95m This rifle will reach out past 100m easily, but to be effective and hit a man-sized target consistently may require more extreme accounting for environmental conditions and sometimes a little extra hop applied, which is easy with the TDC mod. For standard shot configurations, 85m-90m is max effective range.


  2. Sev

    Why has no BB manufacturer done this?

    Agree that samples would be great. I use a lot of heavyweight bb's and those things aren't cheap from premium brands. Even being able to buy a pack of 50 just to test consistency against your favourite brand(s) would be useful. I hate it when Geoff's run low everywhere as I don't know/won't risk buying larger amounts of an untested product. Slightly off-topic, but if anyone is considering sample packs to find the best bb weight for their guns, there's no need. I made this calculator to tell you that. All you need to know is your cylinder inner diameter and piston stroke length. For example, my cylinder is 23.8mm and piston stroke of 46mm. My barrel is 310mm 6.03. That's 2.31:1 and so a 0.32g bb is optimal. Check it out here for the Google Doc and here for a downloadable Excel file.
  3. Sev

    Cylinder /barrel ratio. Test and results.

    Sorry to necro, but this may be handy for those discussing here, as well as anyone else interested. I was trying to find ways of calculating this all myself too. I have made a spreadsheet that should do the trick. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_ZkGx_l-1dOppvGsG9w7vEiVVOB1CI2co6JkO_1_JtI Downloadable Excel file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6093fxjeme36h1/Volume and BB Weight Calculator by Sev (Excel).xlsx?dl=0
  4. Sev

    AEG Volume ratio question

    Ok, makes sense on reflection. How would you avoid PME without shortstroking? The reason I'm keen to understand is that I am planning a DMR build for my next project :D
  5. Hi Whilst contemplating the barrel group options for a build in progress, I came upon a question I can't work out the answer to. In this build I have a cylinder with 23.8mm internal diameter and the piston stroke is 46mm. With the current 6.05mm 280 mm barrel that gives me a ratio of 2.54:1 which is close enough to the limit of 2.5:1. Luckily this build is for CQB and typical field play combined, so that'll work nicely, I think. My question comes with longer-barrelled builds. I've read that longer barrels favour a higher ratio (between 2 and 3.5) because the detrimental effects of a low ratio are exaggerated. The thing is, by my calculations, with a 6.03mm 370mm barrel you would need a stroke of 61mm to hit 2.5. If you tried that in a fast, torque-based DMR build, which is likely short-stroked, how do you gain that extra cylinder volume needed? Either my maths is wrong, my information is wrong or people using longer barrels are running seriously sub-optimal with high-tuned setups. Which is it?
  6. Hi all,I have been a proud owner of my MK1 CRB for about 18 months, and apart from a Maple Leaf bucking and concave nub, it is completely stock internally.I am now looking to tune the CRB to improve consistency, accuracy and longevity of the internals. I'm not after ridiculous ROF or anything yet, but just want an overall tune-up. I currently run with 7.4v lipos, as I mainly use semi, but would running an 11.1v lipo increase cycling speed and improve trigger response?With regards to the barrel group; I have seen that Prometheus do a nice Krytac spec barrel, so I think I'll be getting that. First question: Is there any big advantage with r-hopping over my Maple Leaf setup that is worth the extra effort/expense? Secondly, is upgrading to a Prowin hop-up necessary over a Krytac's similarly rotary unit?In the gearbox, is there anything that needs to be done? I have seen an older video which shows that the gears should be pretty well shimmed OOTB and that the only real area to look at is the nozzle. I see that Prometheus also make a Krytac spec head and nozzle - is that a good buy? Should I worry about reshimming and correcting AOE? Would it be necessary to upgrade the gears and go further or should I see a significant improvement with the above upgrades alone? Thanks for your help guys!
  7. Sev

    TM MK23 gas question

    Cheers for the info. I'm aware of that issue with TM mags and the fix, and will do away with that valve if that happens. Good to know I can run the stronger gas though, cheers!
  8. Sev

    TM MK23 gas question

    Anyone here have or had any experience or issues running this sidearm on high-power gasses? I'm thinking that there shouldn't be any obvious problems seeing as there are minimal moving parts and the gas is just propellant, right? I'm currently running it on Abbey Predator Ultra and getting about 310fps on 0.2g. Would like that nearer 350fps as I have a TDC mod and am looking to use 0.36g bbs. I was thinking that Abbey Vertex gas could be the answer but don't want to break the gun.
  9. Failing that, I have a hurricane XPS3 clone available. Pm if interested.
  10. Sev

    Whats your favourite game type/scenario?

    The guys at Spec Ops in Dorset come up with great games. Recently we played a Terminator game. Each team has a base and the objective is to capture the opponent's base. Whilst you are both fighting for ground between them, a Marshall (wearing a mask) is fully-loaded with a full-auto AEG as the Terminator. He is invincible, moves like a robot with big, slow strides and spews bb's at enemies. The Terminator needs to be touched by a player for him to be loyal to that team, where he will slowly walk towards the enemy base. The opposing team can re-tag him to gain possession of the Terminator. A grenade will 'deactivate' the Terminator for 1 minute, which can open up opportunities to take possession. If you are hit you respawn at your base, but if your team has possession of the Terminator then you respawn 25m back. A great game. if you're thinking of doing it, the Terminator needs a good 3000-5000 rnds on him Also, we played this in a woodland site.
  11. Sev

    Lipo chargers !!!!! 😡

    New(ish) IMAX B6 owner. Incredible bit of kit.
  12. Sev

    Help with first AEG

    That is a lush weapon! I've just purchased a CRB from Pro Airsoft Supplies. Managed to get their last model in my preferred FDE. The guys there were super-helpful and took the time to answer all questions I had. They are also going to swap in a spring and get it firing as close to 350fps as possible before they ship it to me. I am seriously looking forward to getting my hands on it! They recommended Ares Ameoba midcaps, which were a decent enough price for a box of 5. Got those for now but will definitely look for PTS EPMs as they spring up! Thanks for all your help guys!
  13. Hi all! Been to a few games now and should qualify for my UKARA after my next game, so I'm about to purchase my first gun (and leave the world of rentals behind!). Play with my cousin, who also introduced me to airsoft, and a few other guys on occasion. Have some very basic gear but once I grab my first gun I will build that up I'm sure! Will be looking to venture out to other fields in the surrounding areas and trying to play as often as I can around my work, hopefully meeting plenty of people along the way. Can safely say I've bitten the bug! Thought I'd register on the forum as I'm sure I'll be needing lots of advice as I learn the ins and outs of airsoft but I also think this is a good way of exploring the community further.
  14. Sev

    Help with first AEG

    Thanks. Pretty set on the Krytac now I think. I just need to find one! Did Pro Airsoft Supplies fit the spring for you or did you do that yourself? I was after the Tr4-18 Light so the CRB may be closer in length. That said, I'm mainly playing woodland stuff atm so the SPR wouldn't be a bad choice. Seeing as I can't afford a second gun for a while I may opt for the CRB to be a little more versatile, though. What midcaps would you guys recommend for it?
  15. Sev

    Help with first AEG

    Thanks for the reply. Did you find the 416 reliable enough? Did you manage to find decent-feeding midcaps or have to modify the magwell? The fact I don't have a shop locally stocking the CRB is an issue for me otherwise I would probably opt for that. Did you replace the stock spring yourself, and what did you use?