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G&G Motor upgrade help

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Hi there 

I have a G&G GC16 Predator and was hoping to upgrade the motor but unsure to what? I'm running a 11.1v 20c

I think it has a 18000 motor, what can i put in there? 30000? 25000

I'm doing the upgrade to give it some more guts, not interested it rate of fire, just want a snappy trigger 


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3 minutes ago, Sublime airsoft said:

u can fit a shs high speed moto in it 



You don't run a High Speed motor on 11.1v in a UK gun

unless you like picking out bits in your gearbox from PME


Has to run on 11.1v coz picky ETU which is too much juice for speed motor

His original motor wasn't as bad as he thought - Orange Ifrit 25k


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