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Owen Richards

G&G CM16 sr-l Spring upgrade

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Hi all,


I have a G&G CM16 sr-l and would like to upgrade the spring to achieve a more consistent 340 - 350 FPS rather than the 290 - 300 FPS that I'm currently getting. I would really appreciate any guidance in which spring I should be buying to achieve the objective?


Many thanks :-)

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Element M105

maybe a SHS M100 but might be a smidge low

SHS M110 will be too high


Reckon you need a new piston o-ring - that might be where you could losing some fps

could pfte the cylinder head, SHS M4 nozzle perhaps

but reckon the piston head o-ring isn't great - that is usual big culprit of fps loss


Element M105 & better seals should get you at 348fps on 0.20's

(or 310/315 on 0.25's roughly speaking)

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