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Tm recoil 416 upgrade kit from firesupport any good?

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Anyone else bought this? https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/fire-support-340fps-upgrade-for-marui-recoil-m4g36416417sopmodscarak-series


Looking at buying a Tm recoil 416 as soon as i get my UKARA in the post in the next week or so.


Seems like a great gun but runs a little soft, want to get the upgrade but not sure on whether it would ruin the gun or anything.


Appreciate any advice, cheers.

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Hi Jonnno,


I had my 416 Delta Custom upgraded by them and once it was chrono'd by them it was firing at 335fps on a 0.2g BB so not bad an improvement from standard as I am informed that they all come limited to 1 Joule as that's the limit in Japan. I feel it is worth it but the main reason I had it done was that if I took it from the shop and decided later to get the upgrade done it would join the cue of work and could take a month for the work to be carried out whereas a new weapon would be done relatively quickly. Just for your info they do the Recoil upgrades on a Tuesday so if you order it before then it should be ready that week depending on number of upgrades they have to do. 


That's my opinion and I hope it helps



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