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Rusty Monk

New Kent player

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Hi there,


I've watched the sport through youtube and viewed the forums for a while now. I finally took the plunge last Sunday and played my first game at Apocalypse Airsoft in Kent (with rental gear). I really enjoyed the whole day and have been bitten by the bug. I'm looking to do a day at Invicta Battlefields in Kent this Sunday too, mostly because they are a UKARA registered site (unfortunately I've heard Apocalypse isn't).


Is there any tips (apart from whats already in the new player threads) anyone can give? And is it worth purchasing my own eye and face protection even if I'm renting still to work towards my UKARA membership (i know its not 100% needed as all you need is a defence, but it'll just make it easier for me to purchase an RIF from a retailer). And is there anyone who recently joined the sport who has found a reliable and somewhat budget friendly AEG? I've heard quite a few people mention the G&G CM16 as a good starter gun, but I still have that slight worry it may still be in the cheaper end where I'd have to work on the gun later to maintain it.

Also how easy is it to purchase an RIF without a UKARA? There's a chance in the next 56 days, after I do a game at Invicta this Sunday, that i may not be able to do the required 3 games at the same place.

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on the ukara it can depend on the site, the site local to us is now our regular nut was our third game and accepted the two receipts from another site and submitted the paperwork.  buying a rif without ukara would be difficult as the retailers like to cover there backside and tbh most players would want something to show just in case I would imagine.  


the g&g's seem ok, I'm looking at the raider as my second aeg at the minute and everyone I speak to say they are good.  most  guns will need some work at some point either to replace wear and tear or improve.  the main thing would be what you like the look of and your budget and to find a decent quality that fits that.


getting your own eye and face protection can give some piece of mind but again its down to budget and they are definitely worth spending on, not worth losing an eye, I have seen a lot of players without face protection but I want to keep my teeth as long as possible.


I rushed to buy my first RIF as soon as I could, best advice I can give is to spend the time till you have ukara sorted asking other players about their guns and what they have used, a lot will let you try them out as well.  while you may end up waiting a little it'll give you a better idea of what you want and maybe a bigger budget to splash out as well

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