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Vsr Cylinder?

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hi guys, New to the whole sniper thing, and coming back to airsoft after 5 years!. i brought myself a Vsr-10 pro, now i also got a Laylax (PSS10) Cylinder Head,  i proceeded to remove the stock Cylinder head, Via a dremal, all of that went pretty good, installed the laylax head, with the plumbers tape around the thread, i get around 20 sec of air in the cylinder now, if i block the end with my finger, iv sorted the air leak in on the piston, and had a look to see where the other leak was, and iv found that its leaking from that little hole i made to remove the stock Cylinder Head, iv tried diffrent amounts of the plumber tape, to no avail, my question is... could i reinstall the stock Cylinder head and put some of that araldite/jb weld into the "hole" where the pin was to make it air tight, then Go ahead and remove/install the Laylax head, 

reason of installing stock head is that it wont matter that much if it brakes,  im guessing it should be fine? and sort my problem out? 

Cheers for reading/replying. Slayerkitty

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