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tarting up my sidearm

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recently ive spent a fair bit on my aeg dmr and basr but my side arm has sat there unloved so while i was bored today decided id completely strip and clean my glock and have a go at tarting the lower up a little

its my first attempt at stippling and i feel it wasnt too bad but i wish i spent a little more time with the patterns, i guess at least its "unique..ish" and if i ever decide i dont like it i can fill in the pattern 





also it was made a hell of a lot easier when i invested in a cheap rotary tool set from homebase and at only £21 i thought it was a bit of a bargain. it was pretty well made for the price and the accessories so far seem to be of good quality, not sure how it will stand up to anything more taxing than plastic but im sure ill find out!


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