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Quick Review of TMC Gunfighter Belt

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I've recently purchased this belt from EbairSoft (http://www.ebairsoft.com/inch-fighter-belt-multicam-p-9936.html) for around £50. Weapon762 also have it but its currently out of stock at the moment. 


I went for the large as my waist size is around 36" and luckily just fits. I think large is for between 33" to 36"


Pretty much a copy of the Senshi belt by Ronin Tactics where have both inner and outer belt held together by velcro


First thoughts are that its pretty solid and rigid which is what you need from a hard belt. I like the metal cobra buckle and overall prefer it over my Emerson waist battle belt.


This has molle on the outside and can be quite stiff to put molle attachments on as there is very little give but suppose that's not a bad thing as it keeps the attachment nice and tight.


So far I just have a Kydex holster, dump pouch and two Emerson Taco Pouches. Feels sturdy even when running around but yet to field test it.


Will update when I've taken it out for a Skirmish




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Coincidentally just received an email from Weapon762 saying that they have got this back in stock now.


Note on Ebairsoft that it was free shipping 

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