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Allright guys...

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... seemed like a good way to start...


I've been into airsoft for some 4-5 months now and I am thoroughly enjoying myself at Ground Zero down here on the sunny south coast of Blighty. Took it up as I needed to exercise and the gyms are just not my thing. And at 49 the doctor was advising that I should get off my arse and get active. I jumped straight in and purchased a TM HK416D (which bloody I love!) and a nice little TM HK45 for those moments when things get a little tight.


Later this year I would like to get into Milsim, as Skirmish is just a little too chaotic for my tastes, great fun, but I would like more.

(any advice on getting into Milsim is welcome)


So that's me... see you about perhaps



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Welcome :).  Excellent choice in first guns.

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