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Changing / Fixing The Point Of Impact On My Scar L

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Hi All.. :)


Ok before i do what i normally do a try my different techniques of changing the POI, i thought i would ask you to see if any of you have had the same issue and come up with ways of sorting it..


So basically at 22ft my Scar L GBBR will shoot about 1.5'' to the left of my point of aim when using the standard iron sights, with my rear sight fully adjusted.. i would like to solve this, now i have visually finished my 2nd hand scar i will start working on the internals etc, so i will be changing the hop rubber, maybe the inner barrel, but as the scar l has a different type of hop unit and arm etc then im used to i was wondering could that be causing the problem. im sure ill get up sorting it but i alway lik to hear other people thoughts and opinions and experiences too..


Happy Shooting..

All the best, marc..


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