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What are your 2 or 3 favourite airsoft guns and why?

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Hi All, first up sorry my last topic did not fully abide by the forum rules as it contained airguns so i thought i would redo the topic correctly.. :)

im sure this has been a topic done before, sorry if it is but i thought i would start one up again as im interested in knowing what yours are and lets face it our favourite guns can change quite a lot..


So What are your two or three favourite airsoft guns in your colection and why? tell us why and add some pictures if you like.. :)


I know this can be a very hard question and to be honest it is very hard for me to answer too, so if you cant pick just 2 go for 3 instead..


I Will start things off, lets see if i can just pick 2 by the time i stop typing lol..


Ok then 1st up is my TM Hi-Capa Gold Match.. the reason for this gun is, it just ticks all the boxes its as simple as that, good quality, very accurate short and long range, and works flawlessly is ALL weather conditions, not half bad looking either.






Next Up for me then is my TM U.S M9 Beretta, i am a big fan of M9 and 92fs Beretta pistols anyway, so i had to have this one, i really like how they made the plastic look like metal on this one, love the textured barrel and frame, the gun is not the best performing, by that i mean its not the most accurate and mine does not seem to have a huge amount hope adjustment, but at the end of the day this one is more of a skirmish gun and its more then good enough for that, it functions flawlessly.. Did i mention its very good looking lol, :) in my eyes beretta m9 92 pistols are work of art guns for sure..






haha Yep i could not do it, i need to add one more gun it would be rude to leave it out i think, so last up is my WE Scar L GBBR, not had this rifle that long but over the last few weeks i have been working on it and giving it a little shoot and i must say its great fun to shoot and very realistic i know these WE Scars have theirs flaws but nothing to major from what im seeing/hearing so as long as you keep on top it things things should be fine, the Hop on this is not great, maybe even leaning towards being poor, but that easily sorted ill be doing that over the weekend i think. But yeah all in all i really like the rifle, looks and feels awesome. heres a few pictures, i got my second hand and the last owner camo painted it, took me a week to get the camo paint off, rub down the metal controls and repaint them etc, but was worth it.


Heres are some before and after pictures, the top section of the pictures are before my work....














It was hard for me not to up the list to about 10 guns HAHA..


So Whats yours?, i look forward to having a read and seeing some of your guns..


Happy Shooting All..

ATB, Marc..

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