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Liam Porter

It has been a while...

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I haven't posted here, or ever played for about 2½ years.  I've just decided I should get back into airsoft, I used to enjoy it, I just stopped going when my mates did.

The guns have been sat in the cupboard gathering dust, batteries connected, mags gassed and loaded, ready for my next game day, which never happened.
Dusted them off earlier, the M16 still seems good, the battery even has enough charge left to fire the gun, haven't checked the L96 or G17 or any mags.  I'm calling 3 leaky mags, a sniper with no power and no accuracy, and 6 M16 mags that are jammed and won't feed.
Dread to think how low the FPS is on everything, can't even check as I appear to have lost my chrono...


This kinda feels like I'm starting a new sport all over again.  

So, what's new?  I obviously know of the sites I used to play at, however I don't know if they're still the same or anything.
What's new with weapons, gear, manufacturers, does this stuff even change?


Gun health checks - AEG, bolt action rifle and gas pistol - aside from the rubber seals, what should I be changing and checking over before using the guns?

Looking forward to getting back into this...

Thanks in advance,


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