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My WE Scar L GBB Custom Rifle Project (part 2 video)

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Hi All, :)
Sharing My WE Custom Scar L GBBR Project With You..

In This Part 2 Video I Show Some More Of The Work I Have Done And Talk About The Work I Plan On Doing, I Also Show You And Talk About Some Of The Parts I Have Coming And Will Be Getting.

I Show You That I Have Fully Stripped Down The Rifle And I Have Removed Most Of The Camo Paint That The Last Owner Put On The Rifle, I Have Also Took The Paint Off Of The Controls Taking Them Back To Bare Metal, Ready To Be Resprayed Matt Black, I have Painted A few Parts But Have To Paint Some More Over The Next Few Days, Hopefully By Then Some Of The Parts I Have Ordered For This WE Scar L GBBR Will Arrive.. (they have now)


(because the youtube videos are not working at the moment i am adding others links to my dailymotion channel)


If The Embed Videos Do Not Work For You, Please Click On The Link Above The Video Instead..







Since Making This Video, I have Done A Lot More Work On The Rifle And It Is Now Transformed And It Is Basically Finished Visually, Keep And Eye Out For Part 3 Which Is Coming Soon..


Part 1 video is here:

Happy Shooting All. :down2:
ATB, Marc..


PS, i love how this forum lays things out. :)

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