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My WE Scar L GBB Custom Rifle Project (part 1 video)

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Hi All, I Want To Share My WE Custom Scar L GBBR Project With You.  :)


I did this part 1 video a few weeks ago but as im new to the forum i thought i would share my project and progress with you from the beginning..i am now on part 3, but i will share each step with you over the next few days, i dont want to seem like im blasting the forum with topics.... :)

In This Part 1 Video I Show Some Of The Work I Have Done And Talk About The Work I Plan On Doing, I Also Show You And Talk About Some Of The Parts I Have Coming And Will Be Getting.

On my custom scar l gbbr project I Will Also Be Changing Some Of The Internals, Definitely The Hop Up Rubber As The Standard WE One Does Not Seem Very Good In Performance,
Plus I Will Change And Few Other Bits, I Want To Get An Enhanced Loading Nozzle Spring And Maybe Other Bits Too, Not Sure Just Yet.

Some Of The Accessories I Will Be Getting Are, Tan Rubber Ladder Rail Covers, Black Rubber Handguard Rail Covers, I Have Also Seen Some Nice Scar, M4, AR-15 Style Pistol Grips Like, Magpul pistol Grips As Well As Element And BCM Gunfigter Mod0 Pistol Grips, So I Will Get A Few Different Types.

I Have Also Seen A Nice FMA Tactical #71L Style Polymer Flip-Up Front & Rear Back Up Sight Set, So I Might Get Those, And A New Suppressor And Flash Hider, lol we will see as i have a lot to choose from and a fair bit of work to do on the scar first anyway..



If The Embed Videos Do Not Work For You, Please Click On The Link Above The Video Instead..





If You Have Any Suggestions Or Recommendations For Back Up Sights, Suppressors Or Flash Hiders Etc, Leave Me A Comment..

I Will Also Be Doing More Videos On This Rifle Including, Reviews On the Rifle And Accessories For It As Well As Tutorials And Shooting Videos. :)

Happy Shooting All..
ATB, Marc..

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